Lame dog, a very special waste

Pango was found in a garbage bag, fortunately still alive, and was rescued by volunteers. He is about six months old and weighs eleven kilos. It is the sweet color of itna, like the volcano that controls its city: Catania.

Its coat, like honey, has an iridescent color ranging from the most burnt caramel to our citrus fruit such as bergamot yellow to reach the broom yellow. Her eyes are liqueur and hazelnut penetrating, and when she looks she sees invisible. He knows the path of choice that leads to the heart.

I think the sun has kissed, a little less luck.

Despite enduring trauma, Pango is wobbly and affectionate; He seems to have already forgiven those who thought of capturing him in a sack and ready to love another man again. This time forever.

Now the puppy is in great hands, which we hope to be a temporary hand and look forward to being able to move into a certain, loving, stable home without the risk of further abandonment. It’s still small, so it’s easy to control.

She is an unarmed sweetheart, affectionate and interested in pampering and human communication.

Having a dog at home is magic, it is an uninterrupted distributor of happiness and continuity. Nothing and no one can ever equal the joy of a tail beat and a festive and overflowing look of love. In addition, they can always be trusted, and they do not lie about love.
Dogs, as Freud wrote, love friends and bite enemies, unlike men who are incapable of pure love and always have to mix love and hate in their relationship. We all need long lasting and consistent bonds no more.

For information: Bianca 348.9317891, Giorgia Scuderi (dog educator) 349.5133056

* Valeria Randon is a psychologist, a psychologist in Catania and Milan (, a clinical sexologist and author of the book “The Repairer of Hearts – The Words That Repair”. His passion for dogs led him to write for Lazamper

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