Living with a pet, a dog or a cat is good for your health

Living with a dog or cat improves quality of life. It does not help the budget, of course, considering the cost of food, any medical and veterinary care. But the one who survives (does not have: Viva) With a pet, with a dog or cat, or more, though the vast majority, will recognize it. If you live with pets, the quality of life improves.

Unconditional affection. Love. The smile of the dawn. Daily walking for those who live with a dog. Company, especially for children and adults. There are several factors that encourage coexistence between humans and four-legged companions.

Pets, according to a recent survey by Ultraconsumo, deal with the lives of many Italians and increase the number of pets in the home during lockdowns. 62.1 million (However, be careful not to take them for fun, it should be added to the previous view).

Italians and pets

To understand the Italians’ relationship with their pets and to test their level of satisfaction with the services provided by veterinarians, Altroconsumo interviewed a sample of more than a thousand citizens living with pets. Many of the people interviewed actually have multiple animals: More than half (56%) of respondents are a cat, 62% a dogThis is followed by fish (10%), turtles (8%) and rabbits (3%).

There Quality of life Those who live with dogs or cats have improved the bond of affection that is formed between humans and animals, especially between adults and children.

“We will 80% children Interviewers feel good, More calm and peacefulThanks to the presence of a cat in the house – says Altroconsumo – even more in percentage Senior citizenWho declared that their quality of life had improved by keeping them company with a dog (67%) and a cat (77%).

Walk with the dog

Fido then “forces” her to leave the house and at least walk. 75% of those interviewed by Altroconsumo “walk their dogs one to three times a day, For an average of 33 minutes: a way to stay fit that improves quality of life. Unfortunately, 28% of dog owners are forced to leave it alone at home for 5 to 10 hours a week. Cats are more solitary, with a 47% increase in percentage.

Dogs and females
Italians and pets, how the epidemic affects

Costs for pets …

However, there are costs. And they are no less. The main item is power supply.

According to Altroconsumo, they spend about one dog a year 1,562 eurosIncluding 341 for medical expenses. For cats, the cost is lower, the owners spend an average of one year 1,208 eurosOf which 194 are for treatment.

The biggest cost is for that FoodApproximately 880 euros a year for dogs and 779 euros for cats.

… And for veterinarians

The association’s investigation focuses on veterinary services. The Italians are satisfied, but they do not like the rate.

“81% of survey respondents, that 8 out of 10 people are very satisfied with their veterinarian, they think he is qualified And able to relate to them and to animals – Altroconsumo explains – rates of veterinary services, on the other hand, are the least appreciated aspect of humans with animals 7 out of 10 are satisfied with the cost of the service. The most frequent visits to veterinarians among pet owners are, in fact, in the last 12 months, 88% of dogs have been accompanied by annual checkups and 82% have been vaccinated. In the case of cats, the percentage decreases slightly: 73% of cats have been tested and 52% have been vaccinated.

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