May horoscope for our dog


– Most of the month Mercury will make you particularly lively and dynamic. You should always try to persuade your owners so that you can spend more time in the parks, where you can chase the ducks or sip some water in a fountain. Pisces planets will make you particularly sweet and eager for caress and hug.


– May will be the month of socializing and you will definitely make friends with many new kids or other dogs who will join the same place where you will be with them for your long walk. As always, you will be greedy and on multiple occasions, you will be lucky enough to taste some delicious food that you would not normally eat.


– If Mercury is in your zodiac for most of the month, you will be able to communicate with the most attentive and sensitive adults. It’s a shame you missed your word because some of them will have a long chat with you. Venus and Mars in Pisces will make you sad about posting someone who is probably going on a long journey.


– Venus and Mars in Pisces will be your best companion for experiencing adventurous and fun days for almost the whole month. This is not to say that your owners have decided to take you with them to some tourist destination surrounded by nature. The last days of the month will be the most tiring because the planets in Aries will bring down the energy.

The lion

– With Mercury in Gemini most of the month, it will be easier for you to mix with someone, even a new family that can adopt you. Many children and many adults will be lost in your sweet eyes and will be excited whenever you approach the happy and moving Laurel to get some bones or some biscuits.


– The stars will not be kind to you this month and will make you restless. Mercury in Gemini will make you bark and roar even in inappropriate situations and you may have to pay a small penalty for this. This is definitely the ideal month to take to the training and rehabilitation center.


– Mercury in Gemini this month will make you cheerful, lively and active. Your habit, a long walk in the park or a hug before going to sleep, will be honored but, in the last days of the month, someone will make you nervous. You don’t like the fact that he’s teasing you, promising you that the cookies are actually plastic.


– Whenever you come home after work you will be greeted by the best part of your boss’s day. Venus and Mars in Pisces this month will make you especially sweet and gentle. No one will back down when you try to lick her a little to show all your affection. You can get a surprise gift.


– With so many incoherent-looking planets, you won’t feel well this month and you may spend more time at the vet than a few long walks. You can’t adapt to a very crazy rhythm and you’ll want to rest in your kennel or the bed of someone you particularly like. Everything will work for the best.


– To keep you in shape, this month your owners will be thinking of planning a long walk to the sea or to some beautiful city park which is not usually a frequent cold month. You will be lively, cheerful and you will have fun chasing other dogs with whom you must be friends. Your owners will fill you with photos.


– With Mercury in Gemini, the month of May will be especially interesting and adventurous for you. Get ready for new experiences where you can have fun with those who love you. Pisces planets will ask for a little extra attention whenever someone offers you something to eat. Use your sense of smell to determine what works best for you.


– Venus will make you especially beautiful and happy this month. Despite the unexpected occurrence of Mercury in Gemini, you will still be able to have fun when you are forced to spend a lot of time at home with your owners. Mars in your zodiac sign will make you strong and energetic even to overcome any very annoying physical illness.

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