“My goal is to give owners the right advice at the right time.”

Interview with Dr. Valentina Chiapatti, Founder of Amica Veterinary, Common Mistakes, Nutrition and more.

Their relationships with pets, their handling, feeding and many other times are often fraught with problems for pet owners, especially newborns. For this we have interviewed Dr. Valentina ChiapattiFounder of Amica Veterinaria, a blog with an Instagram page aimed at helping owners.

How did you get started doing this and then how did you go about promoting it on Instagram with the Amica Veterinarian page?

Choose a veterinarian job before you go to university. I became Veterinary anesthetist Almost miraculously because I found myself in the right place at the right time. After doing this for about 13 years I have seen a lot of communication problems with the owners, I have seen it The mistakes made by the owners were hard to prevent And that’s why the animals came to us already desperate and so I wanted to build a communication bridge so that the owners could inform themselves from a reliable source, veterinarians to better manage their dog or cat and so make our job easier.

The move was very slow: I started the blog almost as a hobby, as a hobby and I never thought it would grow that way. So I opened Veterinary Friends with the aim of giving the right advice at the right time. From what was born, we came to Instagram and the project went out of hand and became a new job.

There is also another project associated with Amica Veterinary, called Amica Veterinary School. What is it about?

It was born in the second place and it is A true online training school for owners. Previously, in fact, only veterinarians were friends, but the disclosure was only on pills, with brief topics and little information. For owners who wanted a complete training instead, an online course was born that could be attended from all over Italy. Both I and other expert colleagues take courses on behavior, nutrition, where we provide all the information on the subject to give a training that allows you to change your attitude towards your pet.

What are the most common mistakes owners make?

In fact, these are the mistakes for which Amica Veterinarian was born. Management error is indicated by lack of information. Today we are at a historic moment where people have learned a lot more about what it means to have a 4-powered mate than to buy a latest model smartphone that stays with us year after year, so if the initial method is wrong you will pay the consequences. Problems for both dogs and cats. People don’t worry about what it’s like to take it with you, Is a passionate choice that must be invested to educate and manage them, without reflecting on management costs, time and resources, to make a purchase or based on passion. And these are mistakes that affect all life and relationships with pets.

The most classic mistake is thatAdopt puppies at the wrong timeThat is two months before the age. This is a very familiar thing but even today the first step is wrong. This affects the whole relationship because significant behavioral problems occur. Another is that Don’t worry about the time available: There are some people who work 10 hours outdoors every day and then they are surprised that dogs have problems and cause catastrophes.

Let’s face it – most serious mistakes are the most basic, and I always wonder how people can think of them in the first place. It’s a promise that lasts for years and it changes your life. When you take a dog, you have to consider that work, life, relationships will change in any way, the dog will always come with you and unfortunately it is never talked about enough.

Perhaps this discourse is even more pronounced when it comes to cats, where “it manages itself” contains some of this myth.

And this is also the wrong reason A cat needs the right situation. First, the cat is a social animal, so no one can think of taking the cat away and staying away from home for 12 hours a day. Does he live? He will not associate with anyone and they will risk neurosis and other behavioral problems.

This is precisely the behavioral problem that makes both dogs and cats more uncomfortable in their relationship with the owner. Then there are healthcare owners who make those mistakes, but most likely they are in the background because they affect the relationship less. For example, if a cat urinates at home because it ends up under pressure or in a caterpillar or the owner goes crazy because it is a discomfort that is hard to bear.

How has lockdown affected these trends and behaviors?

Lockdown has done a lot of damage. The cats suddenly found the whole family at home and went crazy. The dog suffers a lot from restrictions such as walking up to 200 meters from home. To take the puppies during the lockdown, they were harmed The loss that will carry for life Because they haven’t seen people, they haven’t experienced it, and a lot of phobic dogs have come out with a lot of fear.

Also since dogs integrate the habits of the owners, it can also be affected.

Unfortunately, in the first episode of the dogs taken during the lockdown, the owner was always at home, then working smart, so they didn’t have an isolation episode. When the owner returned to work after a year of life, they suffered a traumatic event. Uncontrolled situation Because at the sensitive stage the puppy has to be taught everything, including being alone, when that doesn’t happen you have a lifelong responsibility. The same is true of Phobias.

So to avoid making mistakes, what are the 3 tips you want to give to those who are going to take a dog or a cat?

Research first, then evaluate the time of animal sacrifice. Of course Very objective and do a self-analysis. This is difficult because we tend to lie to ourselves. And last but not least, the cost of keeping the animal carefully assessed causes There is no cost to just take it and feed it However the cost of veterinary care which is personal. To this day, in fact, there is no public health for animals so you should consider setting aside a nest egg for sudden veterinary expenses.

Obviously another reflection of what needs to be done The type of animal most suitable for your needs. Dog breeds in particular are very different from each other and the difference is that it is taken from kennel or bought from kennel. No option is wrong, but the choice must be evaluated according to your needs. In fact, we often see meaningless purchases: owners who have a lifestyle that is not compatible with that particular clan.

Another very divisive theme is the type of food you decide to give to your pet and especially between certain foods and homemade foods.

It must be said that only in recent years have veterinarians realized this The importance of looking after power. In fact, it has not been considered in the past. It was all in the hands of the feed company and comfort was king. In fact, there is no denying that it is always convenient to have ready meals. Over the years, cats and dogs have begun to show up Allergy type problems And then we start studying to understand that nutrition is a very important ingredient for health and so slowly going back to home nutrition. I have tried it on my own animals and there is no comparison. Recent studies have further shown that longevity increases by several years, so in short, an excellence in home nutrition has been established.

Obviously it must be said that this type of feeding is possible Balanced by nutritionists. Homemade food does not mean giving them table scraps or scraps. However, the actual food prepared by the owner is based on the diet given by the veterinarian. Of course, crunchies are still seen as the most comfortable food, and that’s it, it can not be denied.

It should also be noted that the cat is a little more chic, so it is more difficult if it uses a cable or can, so that it can be switched to feed at home. On the other hand, the dog eats everything so it becomes more easily accustomed to the diet at home and in fact, prefers it so much that the dog who had trouble eating was then restored to the diet at home. More They chew with domestic food And it also gives a more pleasurable feeling on a behavioral level.

So this is a constantly evolving situation …

Suppose the matter has been given importance. The subject has been studied and now we are beginning to think of it as the opposite of what it once was, that is, the crunch was good for everything and did not cause any problems. Here A generational change Even among veterinarians. Those who are chronic prefer kibbutz, while younger ones are more focused on home nutrition.

Change happens slowly because it takes time to see change. Nutrition has long-term effects, so we’ll talk about the benefits of eating dog food at home in 10 years.

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