Places in Tanzania will inspire you to make your home decor more exotic

Do you likeEthnic style decor And more precisely, are you inspired by African style furniture, accessories and decor? Well, it is not at all difficult to create a house with an external touch following the African mood. Enough Use common materials, colors and fabrics To recreate the atmosphere of dreams. It must be mentioned that if you get a chance to do one Visa for Tanzania And leave immediately ZanzibarSerengeti National Park or Mountain KilimanjaroYou will be able to see and touch the general style of this area and then Get inspired when you come back and create your own furniture combination. Anyway, at least we can find something to think about Interior design solutions Really on the spot. Let’s see some of them!

With ESTA in your pocket, Tanzania is close and inspired children’s play

If you love African wild nature And if you want to immerse yourself in the attractions of this land rich in history and culture, it is worth arranging a beautiful trip to Tanzania. To discover a very suggestive place. Before leaving, you need to check that you have one A valid passport and a visa for Tanzania, Which can be easily and securely requested online. After completing a short form, Esta Tanzania arrives shortly after via e-Visa email. Then you just have to print it and of course, take it with you on the trip.

So, are you thinking of a beautiful tourist trip to Africa? Please note that Esta Tanzania e-Visa is a type of entry permit for tourism. That is, it means a single entry visa. In other words, Esta Tanzania can only be used for a one-time Tanzania trip.

Obviously once you arrive you will be safe Travel as many times as you like From Tanzania to Zanzibar and vice versa. It should also be noted that your stay in Tanzania and / or Zanzibar may last for a maximum of 30 consecutive days. And at this time you can turn around to find the length-width of the country Ideas and inspirations will be translated into interior design projectsOnce back home.

A place to visit in Tanzania to find the right inspiration for a unique and personalized ethnic decor

In short, you see, it is very easy to arrange a trip to Tanzania to see and touch the colors and styles of this country. But what to look for in detail? Which one are they? Absolutely a place to visit Once inside? There are some places and parks not to be missed that will be your unexpected travel destination in Tanzania.

Tanzania is famous for its natural beauty, among which Serengeti National Park, A large plain inhabited by animals that pass it during their migration. And then again the famous mountain Kilimanjaro, The highest in Africa which is a destination for trekking lovers from all over the world. But that’s not all, the coast is off Zanzibar and the Mafia Tropical IslandsFor those who like to relax on the white beach and enjoy the sea with its turquoise waters and discover an underwater world, life is made up of wonderful coral walls full of life.

How to decorate an African style living room

In the collective imagination, Africa is the equivalent of the kingdom of animals, Tanzania is the kingdom of the whole African continent. This is thanks to places like Serengeti National Park, where deities can be made Exciting safari To discover the life of the animals, admire them as they cross the river to drink, while they hunt or rest in the sunshine that this place is unique every day with its incredible colors. All this can be translated into internal creation Safari style Of great beauty

If you want to have an African ethnic style, then choose one Less seatsLike a futon, Floor mattress sofa, wool or cotton rug and colorful cushions. Here, in terms of color, the shades are lively but also natural. You can choose a neutral color for the seat such as taupe, gray or sand, while for decorative cushions or rugs you can indulge yourself by choosing patterned fabrics of mustard yellow, orange, green, ocher and terra cotta shades.

As for the accessories you choose Furniture in natural materials Such as cane, bamboo, cane. Lamps with colored lampshades in shades of red, orange, yellow or green will also have the same material.

Obviously, as mentioned, animals are heroes of African nature, so you can “transfer” them to the walls of the house with an animal wallpaper, or a Jungle wallpaper, Or even with stencil or other decorative techniques such as stylized patterns made with murals. An example is famous The pink flamingo of Lake Maniara And the lions are resting comfortably in the branches of the big trunk tree.

Decorate the bedroom in Zanzibar style

Zanzibar is definitely one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world and it is the main city of Unguja Island, now known as Zanzibar Island. For one person Zanzibar style in the bedroom Opt for ecru-colored furniture and colorful textiles or general tribal patterns. Be bold in the colors of cushions, curtains, carpets. Or choose all shades from navy blue, turquoise, green. Then draw the coral wall attraction on the wall with 3D wallpaper for the wall behind the bed.

Furnishings such as lamps and chandeliers may be inside Wood, woven straw, bamboo cane. You can also use lanterns or poufs Cane To make the environment more welcoming. Decorations like the best Masai tradition are made with colorful beads. If you like specific objects, you can find simple tribal masks decorated with batik technique and hang them on the wall. Is inevitable Indoor plants Other types of decoration with large and very green leaves, and with an abstract and tribal pattern.

So, did you want to immediately set sail for the African continent to fulfill your inspiration and return home with a lot of ideas to transform into a very, really dedicated interior design project in the African style? The first step is to keep Esta Tanzania in your pocket, the visa that allows you to enter the country, visit the Farnesina website Travel safely Be updated about the situation, and then fully enjoy all the experiences of traveling to Tanzania, which will surely remain immortal in your memory and decorate your home with style to your imagination.

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