Superstar in Italy: Differences with the world

The Italians are a people bound by popular traditions and beliefs. But is there really a relationship between rituals, amulets or practices that can somehow affect the outcome of an event? Or to attract luck? We will analyze this together in this article, above all verifying the differences with the rest of the world, if any.

Superstitions in the world: beliefs and practices

Often the thing that affects our thinking about an object or behavior that is considered superstition is the experience that binds us. After the attack on the Twin Towers, for example, in America it is believed that the number 11 is unequivocally a sign of destruction. At the same time, the catastrophic tsunami that struck Indonesia on December 26, 2004, led the countries involved in the catastrophic disaster to consider the number 26 as a carrier of misfortune.

The ethnographic and linguistic aspects of each person also contribute to supporting some positive or negative suggestions. In China and Japan, for example, the numbers 4 and 9 have a pronunciation that indicates the word “death.” Two numbers are virtually forbidden in these countries. So much so that it could happen in China and notice the absence of the fourth floor in a building, just as it could happen in the land of the rising sun if the ranking or the 9th position in the list was not mentioned and it was omitted.

Religion has always played a fundamental role in spreading popular beliefs. American Indians, for example, created dream catchers when a new tribal member was born, which was believed to help children sleep peacefully and ward off evil spirits. Religions and cultures that have close ties to animals provide their symbolic transition to everyday life. For Indians, for example, the elephant refers to the god Ganesha, who took it to be similar. The parallelism between divinity and powerful creatures can only insert the latter as a positive symbol and carrier of benefits. The Greeks considered the owl to be a sacred superiority because it was associated with the goddess Athena, the goddess of knowledge. The ancient Egyptians attributed divine powers to animals, so much so that the most important personalities were often depicted with human bodies and animal faces.

Sometimes, however, differences of belief can occur between one person and another. For Egyptians, for example, the cat was a symbol of home, femininity, and domestic harmony. But for Europeans and Americans, cats are associated with evil, witches, or devils. It is said that in the Middle Ages they feared horses that passed their bright eyes at night. The horse’s response, so valuable in medieval life, is to regard cats as treacherous and obscure animals.

Superstitions in Italy: Faith and Conduct

Some beliefs have faded over time, others have been replaced, but some are the foundation of our culture. As reported by staff at, we like the number 13 because it is given by a combination of number 1 (everything) and number 3 (perfection), but above all because it is associated with the image. St. Anthony. When we fear the 17th, doom and gloom. His anagram in Roman numerals is VIXI, so “I’m alive”, a kind way of saying that one has passed away. Furthermore, the Holocaust began on the 17th, so it was a catastrophe in the deepest sense. You need to pay close attention to any combination of the 17 days with Friday (the day of Jesus’ death) and avoid starting new activities as much as possible.

There are customs that have been passed down from generation to generation, such as changing the direction of a black cat when crossing the street, not going down the stairs, not putting a hat on the bed and much more, but for all we have an indomitable remedy: Crescent! An authentic amulet with special powers and originated in 3500 BC. C. At that time farmers used to hang animal horns outside the door of their house because it was believed to bring good luck and fertility. A generous and mysterious price is therefore attributed to the horn. Fortunately, less heavy, but equally effective, alternatives have been found. Current crescents can also be small in size and must be strictly red, the color of emotion, strength and power, capable of repelling negativity and fighting misfortune. It must have been given to us for it to be effective. It’s not worth buying, you just have to accept it as a gift.

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