The boy with the flowers in my hair is my friend

David is a sunny child, sweet and kind to his companions and has many positive thoughts in his head that look like colorful flowers. This is how his best friend and school and game friend describes him, the narrator of this book, written and illustrated by Jarvis, G.Rafic Designer and Digital Animator, The baby with flowers in his hair Published by publisher Lapis (€ 15.90). Everything in Ideal is a story of friendship that feeds on fun, chat and innovation until it becomes “one thing”. A strange thing for which we do not know the cause but which becomes a metaphor for a disease, a problem or a fragility that children also have to face.

And get rid of it in the presence of a friend. David She begins to lose flower petals in her hair and with it her joy and desire to play. A hat hides the solitude of the dry and bright twigs left on his head, annoying to his companions, who begin to stay away from him in fear. Not his closest friend who has a simple but effective idea capable of restoring (or almost) David’s purity. At least until that dark time is nothing but memory. Because friendship is about understanding and helping each other. The presence of one responds to the needs of the other. A truth that even little ones can understand and create for themselves. From the age of 3 years

A story that grandparents and parents know well: the swing in the park is the most popular attraction among the little ones. Winning once, giving up is quite a feat. Candidates are clapping and roaring in Qatar waiting for their turn. In short, the rule will be something for one, but when you are joking, you know, the principle of happiness prevails. Bears are the only ones who swing exclusively, waiting and indifferent Dogs, badgers and turtles who have the same right to go up have nervousness. Until Kan threatens to intervene with his cousins.

As Anselmo Roveda tells us and Elizabeth Sivardi draws on younger readers in this register, such as those with quick manners, Whose swing is it? (Terre de Mezzo; 12.90 euros). Bad words and bad times are expected when cousins ​​come. The bear will be forced down but … don’t worry, a solution will bring everyone together because, the essay says, the more, the more fun you will have. From the age of 3 years

Can you be a squirrel and be afraid to jump from branch to branch? Of course yes, the panicked and trapped Michael Squirrel will answer the mere idea of ​​jumping into space. After all, the risk of it not being made cannot be denied. Of course, when you jump into a vacuum, arguing about what might happen and the risks involved can help control anxiety. Because it is important to understand whether you are equipped or speculation about impending danger is just advice. And in fact, the barrage trainer receives calm and timely answers to Michael’s questions.

But that’s not enough: David Callie and Adalgisa Masela are on the register Jump! How important it is to have someone by your side who is ready for the kite (€ 17.50) that, instead of just working, encourages you to concentrate and believe in yourself. To find the power of the mind to work within oneself and to go into the unknown. It is no coincidence that the word courage refers to its Latin origin which comes from the heart. From the age of 3 years

Many will remember little Lucy Lupine who “has a lion in the library!” He acted in this. The book by Skinner and Aurelie Guillery (Galucci), the classic “Al Lupo Al Lupo!” A modern version of this. The naughty and mischievous little girl, as well as the annoying and stupid, delighted to repeatedly reveal the non-existent presence of a dangerous lion in the library, Lucy becomes the victim of the lion that one day reveals herself in the realm of books. Lions do not eat kibalBy Andre Bouchard, One of the masters of French humor (glyph version; 15 euros), he is in the same wavelength as humor, which does not acknowledge the righteousness of animals and the reassuring happy ending.

Laughter with irony and a pinch of cruelty on people’s recklessness. In fact, what else can be expected from Clementina’s decision, an obedient child, who brings a dog or a cat into the house at the behest of his parents? A lion is a lion. Point. Wolves are greedy for wolves, babies, pigs and girls. Hungry, not bad. Bouchard’s descriptive instrument relies on ridiculous misunderstandings between what the text says and what the figure says. And this is the unhealthy idea of ​​keeping a lion as a domestic friend, accompanying a true hunter who knows how to make a living. In other words, with no croquet or cans of food, a lion goes off on its own with stiff and casual snacks. Such as Counting human welfare … from the age of 5 years

A mileage title for this book that reads like a bean Always on mom’s calendar, Why would my mom have to go to work every day instead of staying home as my siblings and I want to? Published by Emme Edizioni (€ 14.90) with illustrations from Chiara Carrer’s Infantile Sign, these pages are taken from the collection of “The Book of Whys” by Gianni Rodari, published posthumously in 1984. From August 1955 to June 1958 with some restrictions Rodari kept a weekly column in l’Unità Where he answered the letter by answering the children’s question.

As you can see, the issue of working mothers was as urgent as yesterday, with the advent of smart work returning to all complexity. With her sarcastic and light streak, Rodari tries to convince young readers of the important role of mothers working outside the home and not just for important economic contributions to the family. Returning women to work outside the home is a personal and social value that, after so many years, is still not fully recognized. A read for all ages.

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