Truffle Pills: How to train a truffle dog

OrHighly developed work, slight attraction to the game, good physical resistance, high density and obedience, these features should help a dog to find these rare values: Truffle. Every possible dog has these qualities but there are breeds that adapt to this task better than others, even in this case, Dogs are not born ready Search for truffles: You need proper training. Whether it’s a Lagoto, a Braco or a setter, our hairy friend needs to learn how to behave when looking for truffles, what to do when he finally finds it, and for the owner, the right way to reward him.

Given that becomes A dog trainer With years of study, lots of field experience, perseverance and passion required, let’s try to give some advice to those who decide to try their hand at finding truffles with their four-legged friend. First, It is essential that dog training begins in the first month of life, The dog is still a puppy when he learns much faster and what will later become a task is experienced as a game for the dog. Learning while having fun, This must also apply to the owner who would otherwise unload all his stress on the animal and the training results would therefore not be optimal. One tip is Get help from professionalsDog trainers who do this for a living and know how to handle dogs under normal circumstances.

How To Train A Truffle Dog: Some Useful Tips

Training a truffle dog is a challenging taskWhich is required Perseverance and patience On the part of the owner, the dog is not expected to learn everything immediately, the training must be constant for him. So this is a The path that follows the steps, Not forcing the dog into a normal course of learning every day, is taught more than he already knew; Dogs are very intelligent animals, they learn quickly and it is no coincidence that throughout history they have been employed by humans as well as for various tasks. At the same time, however, let’s not forget that the dog is still an innate animal that can get agitated under stressful situations and it can cause physical and emotional harm.

The first stage of training is reporting and command comprehension; At this initial moment the owner throws his favorite ball or toy at the dog, the dog must find it and bring it back. As we have said, it is good that the dog combines training with a sporty activity, in this first step we help ourselves with the object that the dog knows and so it will be easier to find because of the smell they emit. At the moment the dog has learned the basic commands We move on to the second phase, field research. In this case the trainer will hide some objects underground, in a wider area than where the initial stage was; In this case, they are usually used Ball with a stone inside and sprinkle with a truffle fragrance (E.g. using truffle flavored oil on the ball). The dog feels something hard in its teeth, and a hard object is inserted into the stone to make sure it doesn’t bite or chew the ball. This step is very important for the animal to understand this When he finds the truffle, he must not bite or destroy it, but return it unharmed.. It is essential that the dog be adopted Fair rewards If he completes the work in a positive way, a biscuit and a sweet affection will be the reward he deserves and the motivation to continue working in the days to come. Once you understand this connection between the search for truffles and the rewards you receive, you enter In the last stage When the trainer may begin to move a few meters away from the dog to convince him that he must carry out the operation even though the owner is not in the immediate vicinity.

In conclusion, it should be reiterated that there are many techniques for training a truffle dog and to make it better, It is advisable to seek help from professionals and trainers. Illustrated tips are useful as a starting point but remain essential The relationship of love and trust That it must be established between the beast and the master; Dogs need commitment, time and constant attention but in return they give us their unconditional love and, if we are lucky, this is the precious rarity that is truffle.


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