9 Cop Romano: Coach Mayoli relieved, Rossi captain-player

The eighth defeat in a row in Peugeotton’s palanquin was fatal for the Biancobolu coach. Pivot expert Romano will lead the team in the final race of the season.

Bench change for 9Coop Romano Basket: After the defeat against Pizzigaton, the company fired the coach from his position Emanuel MayoliAssigning the technical leadership of the team to expert Pivot Emanuel Rossi Who will play the role of captain-player for the Serie C gold and possibly the other two games of the playoffs.

Change the technical guidelines in 9Coop Romano

Coach Emanuel Mioli’s 9 Cop Romano bench has been priced out for the eighth consecutive defeat in the second round of the Serie C Gold season. It was a painful decision for the biancoblu company, but the team that had to try to win the last three matches to enter the playoffs (and maybe now it may not be enough) was considered necessary to push the team. Today, the club officially announced the departure of the coach who came as assistant coach for the 2016/2017 season. Ricardo Paris And was promoted to head coach the following season, always at the top regional championships.

Romano Baskett has announced that he will end his collaboration with Emanuel Mioli in the role of first-team coach. Arriving at Romano 6 seasons ago, he has always reached and surpassed the seasonal playoffs. He was one of the architects of the play-off semifinals last season: the club would like to thank him for the work he has done with sincerity and the utmost professionalism, wishing him the best for the rest. Instead, the club hired Emanuel Rossi as the technical guide for the rest of the match.

A difficult second season of the season for Romano

Closing the first round of the regular season at Serie C Gold in fifth place, 9Coop Romano found himself in the second round of the Gold Classification Group with the top five teams from three regional groups. Biancobolo brought 8 points of dowry, who won in the first round against Yellow Group opponents who reached – in the second round – in the gold category. From that moment, however, Romano was unable to score any more points, suffering eight consecutive defeats due to his absence. The Piggytone basketball team lost the last match 99-60 to the bench of coach Mioli, who still wanted to thank Romano’s company on social media for the time they were together. “I thank the Romano Basket family for giving me the opportunity to train in a peaceful environment and for giving me the best support to grow up with a great group (fans, directors, staff and players)! Unfortunately, even the best things end up up but really Like friends, you go with a goodbye not a goodbye! – wrote the coach today – special people that I will carry in my heart forever! I wish you all the best! Wereboars come !!! “.

Serie C Gold, Episode 2: Situation

Results 9th day: Paul. Milan 1958-Robur Saronno 79-70, NBB Mazzano-Milanotre Basket 84-78, Pall. Gardoniz-Libertas Sarnsco 72-67, Social Osa Milano-7 Lagi Gazzada 78-83, Saleri Seal Olympia Lumezane-Bokoni Sport Team MI 74-66, Basket Team Pizzigaton-9 Cop Romano 99-60, AB Oil Busto & Gas Iseo 102-97 d2ts. Rest: Basketball Gallery.

Classification: Basketball Gallery 26 points; BT Pizzighettone, Saleri Sil Olimpia Lumezzane 24 points; AB Oil & Gas Service Busto RCGO 22 points; Basket Iseo, Pall. Milan 18 points; Rubber Saronno, Palla. Gardoniz, Libertas Sarnasco, 7 Lake Gazzada Shiano 16 points; Bokoni Sport Team 14 points; Social Osa Milan 12 points; NBB Mazzano, 9th Roman Coop 8 points; Baskets in Milan 6 points.

Next shift (Saturday 7/5): Basketball Gallaret-Bokoni Sport Team (18.30); 9 pm BT Pizzighettone-Milanotre Basket, Social Osa Milan-AB Oil & Gas Service Busto Arsizio, 7 Laghi Gazzada-NBB Mazzano, Basket Iseo-Pall. Milan, 9Coop Romano-Saleri Sil Olympia Lumezzane, Robur Saronno-Pall. Gordonies. Rest: Libertas Sarnsko.

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