Aston Martin has been replaced by CEO, the top two former Italian Ferraris

Speaking Italian, at the top, Aston Martin. Tobias Moers’ departure, effective immediately Opens for replacement The role of CEO with Amedio Felisa. Already part of the British brand, Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Product Strategy Board, Felisa replaces Moers, who is due to confirm the change by the end of July.

Navigate the brand in rough water. Financial results are not bright and, in the background, over the past 18 months, there have been constant rumors of a management signed by Moers disliked by many high-profile technologists.

Aston Martin, serves an integrated group

The British press has repeatedly reported internal criticism of a centralized style led by the former Mercedes-AMG manager. Appointed in the summer of 2020, Moers management has not produced significant financial results. However, in Aston Martin’s published note it is the emphasis on group solidarity that makes the most noise. (Discover models in the second-hand market) And in its words Lawrence Stroll.

“Business needs to enter a new phase of growth and with one New leadership structure, To ensure that our goals are met. The new organizational structure will help the company to realize its full potential, Promote greater collaboration and more integrated ways of workingThe word of the President, Lawrence Stroll.

Aston Martin is the head of the technical department

If Felisa – who spent 26 years at Ferrari, as 8 CEO – was already in the Aston Martin circle, it would be a new experience. Roberto Fedelli. With the same prestigious background as Felisa, Fedley also spent a lot of time on Ferrari.Lasting 26 years where the most recent project was LaFerrari.

He became the new head of the technical department, asked to follow the Aston Martin projects that would lead to electrification. We already know how this will be in the brand plan Be the first to equip yourself with the Valhalla plug-in hybrid, Then it’s an electric one. These steps will be taken within the next 36 months. They will be strongly supported Technical integration with Mercedes-AMG: Plug-in Hybrid Powertrain, Electrical Native Architecture, will lay the foundation for Aston Electrification in Afltarbach. Fedley will launch on June 1.

Roberto will help us implement future strategiesParticularly focused on technological advances and our in-house engineering skills, during the transition to electrification.

Roberto is a proven inventor and he knows how to build a team, he has created some of the most coveted performance sports cars in the world and combined his vast experience in this sector. Leadership styleOur future models will go a long way in building portfolios and revitalizing our technical team. “Walking again.

Aston Martin Valhalla

After Valkyrie, the first mid-rear engine road project of the new Aston Martin course is Valhalla. The supercar unveils the first features of the 950 horsepower hybrid system, which includes a twin-turbo thermal V8 and two electric motors. Gasoline engine made by Mercedes-AMG and customized for Aston

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Felisa and more open Aston Martin

According to Felisa, the focus is on people to hire in-house technicians based on the objectives set by the new ownership during the transfer in early 2020. DB11 anticipates 2023 important news in Vantage, DBS, with new engine.

For Felisa, comments on the new role: “I have a deep faith in Lawrence’s vision and I am grateful to him for his faith and the board. Over the past year, working as a non-executive director, I know Aston Martin and his senior managers very well. There is an incredible pool of talent, as well as a technical environment The United Kingdom consists of the extraordinary, the inventors and the experts, with whom We want to deepen our relationship.

We have a clear goal, to continue transforming the brand into an ultra-luxury, high-performance, industry-leading Aston Martin. We have a team of talented and talented people across the organization who will be able to achieve our goals. “

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