Basketball Lamezia playoffs begin at Sala Napolitano

On Star Wars Day, and “May the Fourth Be With You”, basketball Lamezia playoffs begin in Sala Napolitano, with managers and players appealing for support from the municipal administration in the game from Sunday against the yellow and blue club against Benevento on the 19th in Palasparty.

If public bodies can do little in terms of economics, the role they play in the logistics area is quite different from the situation in sports gyms and school gyms for basic activities that remain a point of lameness.

After the institutional greetings from sports councilor Luisa Vacaro, for which “reaching these goals after a long period of difficulty makes you already a winner”, Giulloblu president Massimiliano Serraro said first that “the city has become very difficult to play in, especially in the last 5 years.” We believe in it, we may be crazy, but our commitment is a complete social value. He was still playing to get back to those important leagues, but we need the whole thing. The support of the municipal administration. “

The top manager commented: “We can go back to Serie B, they dropped us off at the start of the season but these guys were competing for companies that cost a lot more than us, only to lose first place in the last few days. We hope you too can come and have fun with us at Palasparty which is the home of Lametine Sports 8.

City Council President Giancarlo Nicottera believes that “you must give your best, there is a fan base on which you can rely.

Bruno Bertucci admits from the yellow-blue leadership that «we started with the goal of salvation, we were able to play a play-off that was not expected. This team was underestimated in the beginning, but in every game we did not put any exercise, even in defeat. We will play in squares like Salerno, Benevento, Angry and Cassarta which also has a scudeto in the curriculum, but despite the low financial means in the season we have already proved our worth and defeated these opponents. The players have great human and sporting qualities, as well as attachment to the city, with only two Calabrian clubs in one championship and the other from Campania.

Mayor Paolo Mascaro does not use institutional terms: পুরো The whole city should be in a palas party on Sunday, I hope a hole will lead the team to victory. We have a number of clubs competing to win their championships, as Vigo Lamezia’s former president I know the hardships of playing in this city, but how success on the pitch can be an example for the younger generation. Want and be able to stay in our area “.

Mascaro then goes back to the problems of asserting himself at a certain level: “We cannot weaken the work undertaken with mud buildings, which at first break down into difficulties. To do this, we must ensure that there are more sports facilities that are open and whose management is sustainable, as well as start by redeveloping and restoring the areas of interest in the vicinity.

We thus come to a parallel between the municipality and the sports clubs, “because the ambition is to always achieve the best results,” the mayor said. Everyone will be able to come back as a winner like other athletes.

Speaking of sports facilities, Mascara made a difference with the announced tender for management, which at present would only concern the palasparty: We also have a real problem: the new sports hall through Dell Progresso can not only be managed by sporting events, but now the process has to be completed with the region to have around 1,700,000 euros in operational funding, the management has to be reviewed. Not just sports, looking forward to major events and confident about being able to expand to the end of 2023 to complete this process. We’re evaluating the chances of getting other amenities in the same area, including the private one, and we’re waiting to see what happens in the stadium provincial Carlei story.

We have been told about Palagatti “close to the goal of reopening”, considering that “for the next sports season we are confident that we will be able to reopen Palasavutano and the municipal gym which has already begun work in Borrelo-Fiorentino, but we must plan everything in the best possible way.” Certainly we will have an interview with the companies when we already have an executive plan for the work to be financed in Palasparty, and there will also be financing projects for private investment for the conversion of other buildings.

In this regard, Serrao highlights that “in the summer the surrounding fields are good, but then there are only baskets of Savutano and Pythagoras, and only 2 months ago we had a middle school gym to start with the little ones. However, the boys must be given a specific place and have the ambition to be able to play a specific championship with their own city shirt.

So the president’s appeal: “As a lamatine club we are willing to make our energy, time, skills and technicians available to help the municipality resume all possible sports as soon as possible.”

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