Botswana’s largest elephant has died

Botswana’s largest elephant dies on a hunting safari, and the worst part is this All legal; Activities are controlled only to control the number of animals in the affected area. The hunting safari is purely organized Economic benefits; There are, in fact, agencies that exploit the terrifying passions of many tourists to kill wildlife in order to organize hunting safaris in different parts of Africa.

Professional and non-professional hunters, tourists, Participate in these organized tours, then be immortal together The bodies are lying on the ground Displays deer, warthogs, leopards, lions, elephants and their cameras Trophy.
Botwana’s largest elephant has been sought since 1996 so it is now shown as a great victory for a great hunting team.
The Game Animals of the Past and Present Agency, which organized his execution, commented that it was the largest elephant to be hunted since ’96.

Comments from organizations

There are no comments from local organizations Former President Seretse Khama Ian Khama In one of his posts on Facebook, where he denounced the truth only in relation to tourism and economic gain, certainly not in terms of animal life and freedom.

“It simply came to our notice then. An elephant that tour operators constantly try to portray as an iconic attraction to tourists. Now he is dead.

How death due to poor policy benefits our declining tourism. Our tourism relies on wildlife. No wildlife means no tourism, no tourists, no jobs and no revenue flow.

Incompetence and weak leadership have almost wiped out the rhino population, and now it is!

Iconic attraction and fairness

So despite the fame, the animal has no name, but is labeled an “iconic attraction” for tourists. Attractions that no longer exist and therefore endanger tourism and the local economy.
In response to the former president’s statement. The Game Animals of the Past and Present Agency replies that the government itself has authorized the killing of many pachyderms: According to an elephant conservation plan, these groups of animals in Botswana will outnumber the expansion zone, with an “overland capacity of 100,000 vs. 45,000.”

Needless to say, this fairness makes things worse, sparking controversy from animal rights activists and associations that strongly condemn the activities of this hunting safari that consumes wildlife that should be protected instead.

The former president is against hunting, so much so that he banned the shooting of elephants during his rule. But this was not enough.

How much does a hunting safari cost?

The most amazing thing is that the first question that comes up when searching on the web is “How much does it cost? To do A hunting safari Inside Africa? Among other things, this means that there are many people who are interested in doing this
The second question: “How much does it cost to kill a lion?”
The third question: “How much does it cost to kill an elephant?

As if asking for the price of clothes or car. The Commercial exploitation Animals should be condemned as illegal and unconditional.

A hunting safari company from South Africa started a few years ago.“Offering” (In quotation with duty because we are not talking about consumer goods): By killing a lion, you can kill a lioness for free. A proposition that hunts for nothing but fuel and threatens the very existence of this wonderful specimen.
Unfortunately, safari hunting is a highly lucrative activity that finds converts among wealthy Austrian and German tourists in Namibia and South Africa.
Each hunt is worth: 00 1,500 for a zebra, 2000 2,000 for an antelope, 00 3,500 for a giraffe, ,000 15,000 for a large buffalo, ,000 18,000 for a lion, and more.

Martha Freslon

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