David de Donatello 2022, all winners

The 67th edition of the David de Donatello Prize was distributed during an awards ceremony hosted by Carlo Conti and Drusila Foyer. ‘It was the hand of God’ has won 5 categories: Film, Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Supporting Actress by Teresa Saponazello, Photography by Daria D’Antonio and David Giovanni. This is the first David Joy for an Italian film distributed by Netflix. But the most rewarding house was ‘Freaks Out’. (6, one of the most important for production). Following, in addition to Sorrentino’s films, ‘Ennio’ and ‘Qui rido io’ 3 with David, with ‘Ariaferma’ 2.

Surprisingly, Silvio Orlando’s ‘Ariapharma’ (David III in the twelfth nomination, last won for ‘Il Caimano’ in 2006) and Rotolo, the debutant husband of ‘A Chiara’, became one at the age of 17. The youngest winners of the award. Also nominated for Best Supporting Actor of the Year is the highly-launched Eduardo Scarpetta, who played the protagonist’s son in Mario Marton’s biopic.

To Giuseppe Tornator’s ‘Ennio’, dedicated to Marikon, the documentary’s acknowledgment (this is the eleventh statue for the director), editing and sound. ‘Ariaferma’ (original) and ‘L’Arminuta’ (adaptation) win in the screenplay. Also win a David ‘Diabolic’ (original song), ‘The Brothers de Filippo’ (music) and ‘Picolo Corpo’ (operative debut).

Here are all the winners of the Cincinnati event:

The best movie – “I want to thank all my family that I have disguised in my picture. It is really a great joy, a happiness”. So during the ceremony, Paolo Sorrentino welcomed David de Donatello for his film, It Was the Hand of God.

The best direction – David de Donatello for Paolo Sorrentino for Best Director for ‘It Was the Hand of God’.

Best Protagonist Actor – “I didn’t believe it, I didn’t expect it”. David de Donatello was thus awarded Best Actor for Silvio Orlando Leonardo de Costanzo’s ‘Ariapharma’.

Best Protagonist Actress – Jonas Carpignano’s ‘A Chiara’ starring 17-year-old husband Rotolo as David de Donatello for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Best Supporting Actress – David de Donatello Teresa Saponzello for Best Supporting Actress for Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘It Was the Hand of God’.

Best Supporting Actor – Eduardo Scarpetta has nominated David de Donatello for Best Supporting Actor for Mario Marton’s ‘Cui Rido Io’.

The best scenario – Massimiliano Sturrell and Ilaria Falacara were awarded David de Donatello for Best Scene for Gabriel Mainetti’s ‘Freaks Out’.

The best clothes – David de Donatello Ursula Patzak for best costume for Mario Marton’s ‘Cui Rido Io’.

Best starting director – Laura Samani for Best New Director David de Donatello for ‘Piccolo Corpo’.

The best original script – David de Donatello for Best Original Screenplay Leonardo de Costanzo, Bruno Oliveiro, Valia Santela for ‘Ariapharma’.

The best photography – David de Donatello for Best Cinematography, Daria D’Antonio for ‘E’ è stato la mano di Dio ‘and Michelle D’Antanasio for’ Freaks Out ‘.

The best original song – The David de Donatello goes to Manuel Agnelli’s ‘The Depth of the Abyss’ for Best Original Song for the film ‘Diablic’.

The best hair – Marco Parna for The David’s Best Hairstyle for ‘Freaks Out’.

Better assembly – Massimo Cougalia and Analisa Shilasi for Best Editing by David de Donatello for Giuseppe Turnator’s ‘Enio’.

The best documentary – David de Donatello Giuseppe Turnator’s ‘Enio’ for Best Documentary.

Best non-original screenplay – David de Donatello for Best Non-Original Screenplay, Monica Zapelli for ‘L’Arminuta’ and Donatella de Pietrantoni.

The best composer – David de Donatello for Best Composer to Nicola Piovanni for ‘I Fratelli de Filippo’.

The best makeup – David de Donatello for Best Makeup has been awarded Diego Prestopino, Emmanuel de Luca and David de Luca for ‘Freaks Out’.

Best producer – David de Donatello Gail ‘Freaks Out’ for Best Producer, produced by Andrea Ochipinti, Stefano Massenzi, Mattea Guerra (Lucky Red) – Gabriel Mainetti (Gun Films) – Rai Cinema.

Best visual effects – Stefano Leoni has been awarded David de Donatello for Best Visual Effects for Gabriel Mainetti’s ‘Freaks Out’.

Sounds better – For the best sound, David de Donatello went to the technicians of Enio Marikon’s doc ‘Enio’ directed by Giuseppe Tornato.

Carrier David – “I thank the Italian Cinema Academy for this award in my 70-year career.” Like this Giovanna Rally To accept David de Donatello for his career. Giovanna Raleigh says she started her career at Cincinnati and remembers her love for Rome and her friendship with Alberto Sordi “despite the chaos”: “She made me laugh, sometimes we had to repeat the scene because I started laughing and He said to me: ‘Hey Jiova, what are you doing?’ ” “Thank you all,” he concluded, dedicating the award to “my family who have always supported and always protected me.”

Special David – “The first film I made was Marco Ferreri’s ‘Diary of a Vice’ but at first I had a long apprentice”. So Sabrina Ferrell, David de Donatello won the special award.

Special David – David de Donatello’s 67th edition special David Paolo Sorrentino presented to Antonio Capuano. “Antonio is a master of freedom and vitality, the only thing that matters more than the beauty of a movie, vitality,” said Sorrentino. “Thanks everyone, I don’t understand why you’re clapping, I don’t deserve it. I thank all the members of the academy one by one and I dedicate the prize to my girlfriend who is not here …”, Capuano concluded, greeted by a standing ovation. .

David Young – Donatello went to Giovanni’s David Paolo Sorrentino’s ‘It Was the Hand of God’.

David de Donatello recalls the ceremony Monica Vitti Who died on February 2nd, with pictures of the great Roman actress floating on the screens of the Cincinnati studio and a standing ovation. And he remembers other artists who died recently.

There War between Russia and Ukraine David de Donatello appeared on the show anonymously in memory of Charlie Chaplin’s film The Great Dictator. Conductor Carlo Conti recalls the 1940 film and recites excerpts from Drusilla Foyer Chaplin’s famous film ‘Speech to Humanity’.

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