David de Donatello, Sorrentino’s win. Best Actress Husband Roll

Per David de Donatello 2022Back in presence, Cinecittà, victory Paolo Sorrentino It was the hand of God. “ Won the most important award, for which The best movie: “The film is made, then we move on – the director says – I did it in a difficult moment, but I will gladly remember”. Given as a favorite, including his most autobiographical films, Sorrentino also won the director’s award To the Best Supporting Actress,Teresa Saponangello, Photography and Young David (five statues). Six awards are fantastic “Freaks out“From Gabriel Mainetti, Which combines the genre of war movies with superheroes. The best leading actress of the 2022 edition is the seventeen year old Husband roll For the movie To the cheerleader By Jonas Carpignano. Rewarded for career Giovanna Rally And David is also special Sabrina Ferrell.

Chaplin’s monologue is starring Drusilla

In such a difficult moment, the war between Russia and Ukraine cannot be ignored on the eve of the Oscars of Italian cinema. Drusila Foyer and Carlo Conti. But never speaking of conflict, the call for peace came from Drusila, whom he explained beautifully. Great dictatorUnforgettable psychology by Charlie Chaplin. Then pays tribute to the artists who died this year: Drusila sang Tell me about Love Mariu And with Carlo Conti Beautiful daughter of love From rigoletto, intones EndlessWhen scrolling through its image Lina Wartmারller and Katherine Spock. Standing slogans for homage Monica Vitti.

Award to Antonio Capuano

A standing ovation for the Neapolitan director Antonio Capuano Special David Award from Paolo Sorentino: “A master of vitality and freedom that is far more important than beauty in a movie – Sorrentino – Don’t split This is a phrase he really told me And Capuano moves the audience when he says: “I don’t understand why you are praising me because I don’t deserve it” and dedicating the prize to “my girlfriend is no more.”

Best Actor Silvio Orlando

David won Silvio Orlando for Best Lead Actor In the air. “I didn’t believe it – the actor said – now I can start crying. I didn’t expect it. I want to dedicate this award to my wife Maria Laura, she’s fine, she’s not dead, but she’s the best person I’ve ever known in my life.” . ”

Husband Rotolo is the best actress

Became the best lead actress Husband roll For the movie To the cheerleader From Jonas Carpigano. The 17-year-old actress is very excited and thanks her family in tears, “and my sisters who enriched this film and Jonas who is a brother and introduced me to the world of cinema”.

EnioBy Giuseppe TornatoreThe best documentary

“This David has a special meaning – said Tornator – to accept the award Enio Dedicated to Marikon – In recent weeks I have been thinking for a long time about the reasons for the success of the film and I have not found it yet. I don’t think I want to take anything away from anyone, thanks for editing it but not for the music. The mystery of the film lies in the way Enio talks to the public about himself as a friend. “

Lifetime Achievement David for Giovanna Rally (70 years career)

The moving actress says: “I was eating baskets in the Cincinnati garden here at the age of thirteen. My character, created by an emotional girl, was written by the great screenwriters Amidei, Edge and Scarpelli, Moravia.” The actress has announced that she is back in the movie with the movie Jasmine Tringer: “Now we will go to the ears too”.

David Special to Sabrina Ferrell

Sabrina Ferrili and Drusila meet again after Sanremo. They joke: “They gave us different evenings because they thought we were making too much noise.” Then Sabrina says: “After 31 years, it gives some satisfaction, you have worked with great directors, good screenwriters and good actors.”

Here are all the prizes:

The best direction: Paolo Sorrentino, “It was the hand of God”

Best Movies: Paolo Sorrentino, “It was the hand of God”

The best documentary: “Enio”, by Giuseppe Tornetto

Best Edit: “Enio”, by Giuseppe Tornetto

Best Composer: Nicola Piovani, “The Filippo Brothers”

The best hairstyle: “Freaks out”

The best original song: Manuel Agnelli, “Depths of the Abyss” for the film “Diablic”

Best Actor in a Leading Role : Silvio Orlando, “Ariapharma”
Best Supporting Actress: Teresa Saponangello “It was the hand of God”

Best Scenario: Massimiliano Sturial and Ilaria Falcara, “Freaks Out”

Best Supporting Actor: Eduardo Scarpeta, “I’m smiling here”

David of the audience: “I’m against you”

David Special: Sabrina Ferrell

Best Director Debut: Laura Samani, “Small Body”

Best dress: Ursula Patzak “I’m smiling here”

Best Original Screenplay: Leonardo Di Costanzo, Bruno Oliveiro, Valia Santela, “Aria Pharma”

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Husband Rotolo, “To Chiara”

Best Author of Photography: Daria D’Antonio, “It Was God’s Hand” and Michel D’Antanacio, “Freaks Out”

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Silvio Orlando, ”said Aria Pharma

Best makeup: Diego Prestopino, “Freaks Out”

Best Producer: Andrea Ochipinti, Stefano Massenzi, Gabriel Mainetti, Matteo Guerra, Rye Cinema

Best Short Film: Nico Bonomolo’s “Maestral”

Best visual effects: Stefano Leoni “Freaks Out”

Best words: “Enio”

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