Eurolig: Olympia Milano, a bitter sweet ending

Although the two shared the Lakers’ yellow-violet locker room for a year, imagining Etor Messina as the late Kobe Bryant is on the brink of controversy. Last week, however, the statements of the president of the Armani Exchange’s basketball operations recall one of the most famous quotes from the Black Mamba. “We’ll try again next year,” Sinan Erdem reminded fans in the arena’s press roomOlympia Milan Deep and stentorian voice of # 24 in Los Angeles Jersey. Because after two years of burning in the last hair of the mountain Eurolig It was not clear how much fire was burning in the soul of the most successful Italian coach in the history of basketball. The work is not finished.

Useless search for culprits

There could be a series against Efes that, if remembered with remorse and remorse in the short term, will be re-evaluated in the next few years as a decisive turning point for future red and white fame. The narrative certainly brings his contribution. Two coveted outbreaks that devastated the team at various times in 2022; The controversial case of Moraschini and Mitoglo; Gigione Datome’s injury, steadily recovering from a trip to Turkey, returning to Milan after 4 races depressed and lustful on the plane shows that he is a champion; Injuries during the series of Meli, Rodriguez and Delaney. The elements of a historic roll by Misic, Larkin and collaborators were all placed on the cutting board of Ergin Ataman. And yet, Milan has come up with something that the Messianic has never shown itself so clearly in three years. Heart.

In retrospect, any discussion of which of the last two editions of Olympia was stronger, in the full rankings, leaves time to find it. Punter, Lede and Mikev? Or Meli, Hall and Bentley? A man eliminated in Cologne by Higgins, able to turn Trincoeri’s Bayern resistance into five sweaty matches? Or stopped in Belgrade before Final 4 because of two guns like the Effes Guard and a few exploits at Tibor Place? While there are undoubtedly elements of consistency at the roster and game levels, pears and apples are two incomparable fruits. Trying to make Shields the “new Kevin Punter” doesn’t do Dane justice, engaging in a formidable defensive work on the best opponent attacker that Partizan’s current star didn’t need. It would be a small thing to review the spit copy of what Shawn had in Devon Hall 2020/2021: due to some gaps in the list, the former Bamberg was called upon to be a much more ball carrier than expected, changing his job to the defensive half. . And we can go a long way. At a European level, the results would point to the first option, which went to a match and a triple spit from iron stuck to the Milanese flag at the top of Europe. On the contrary, the current year has given us a team that has been able to adapt to constantly evolving contexts and evolving situations but which has never given the impression of being the strongest. Despite everything, the defeat of April 28 could prove to be the most important victory of the future. Why?

Cupid is broken

The lower signer was not born in Milan. He does not live in Milan. He is not even an Olympian fan. On the contrary. Take a millennial who goes to Italian basketball between primary and secondary school, without any input and family basketball tradition. The cries of Thomas Race and the moving Verbena Curtis, sung by Sports Hall through Achilles Slavovo, turned Curtis Gerels into the most terrifying weapon, “The Shot” into the most terrifying weapon, turning Hackett and Gentile into the ruthless hitman of execution that cost everyone’s life. Latest Men’s Sana by Crespi. In the years that followed, I am not saying that we were able to enjoy the defeat of Milanese, but Olympia has always been on the wrong side of history. How to communicate emotionally with a club that, despite investing like everyone else, had such a warm following of fans on the forum? It’s annoying, Milan. What could be for but could not achieve. Unpleasant, snowy, snowy. Not animated by the visceral emotion that allows a Sassari or Venice, a Reggio Emilia or a Turin to win an undisclosed paper trophy. The advent of the epidemic, paradoxically, reversed the terms in question. Controversially, the intended objectives have not been fully achieved in the years in which sports halls have necessarily emptied themselves. And it is not certain that they will not be this year, Virtus and, to a lesser extent, Germany consider the Brescia competition, due to the addition of defectors from Russia. Still.

Yet, I find myself cursing the saints of heaven when Ricky does that shamelessly, sending Singleton to Lunette to sign free from the strap. Shields console through computer screen, which does not give any punishment on the shores of Bosphorus Off Across 4 races. I promote myself Garra Shown by Uncle, who tries to prevent excruciating pain in his ankle so as not to leave him in the moment of greatest need. I personally feel the lactic acid in Gigi’s legs, when he triple hits a potential overtaking and doesn’t even reach the iron. At the end of the game I almost didn’t recognize myself. Did I really support Milan? Not in the name of “Italians supported in Europe”. No. Am I really familiar with their plight? The answer is yes. Any controversy over the lack of involvement of Daniels Rotation, Any question about the defensive choice that allows a 221cm German to penalize the defense in each zone of the pitch, even end-to-end management considerations point to point. Every technical, tactical, tactical question takes a back seat, in the face of the emotions poured on Messina, the staff and the players.

The Mediolanum Forum in Race 2 was something I never heard of in my memory. Never in the last decade in Milan has such a complete closeness between the environment and the team been so clearly and lazily expressed. Despite being 1675 kilometers away from the Turkish capital Milan, the feeling is that the whole AX environment was on the side of Hines and his companions in the burning basin of Anadolu. That wasn’t enough, unfortunately. If that were enough, who knows what else would happen in this crazy year. Maybe in Race 5 we would see Tarakzevsky’s double double. In Berlin, Grant and Biligha will decide. With ifs and buts, history is not made and never will be. So let’s hold on to what it was, which can create a smile or a jolt of frustration. Milan lost on the pitch but won the hearts of the people. In the hearts of its people and those who have seen and excelled in disbelief up to this moment. This defeat, Messina aware, can only falsify team unity and experience. Not that Heinz and Mellie especially need it. But living together makes all the difference in the world. Last year you missed some details but, in a canonical year (which season, however, can really be defined as “without stars”?), You probably wouldn’t have gotten so far. This year you came across as a favorite in a play-off series but which, due to the panic, you saw come out defeated but with a better feeling than the series your partner at the entrance. Is Istanbul worthy of two defeats? My grandfather always taught me that, during military service, they suggested that the best shot to hit the target was the third. The first is an experiment; The second is still a spanmetric effort; The third, adjusting its goal, will capture the goal. Will Pangos, Davies, Voigtmann and Tonut help fix the viewfinder? It is too early to say. And a little wrong. It will not do justice to this group, which has awakened the dormant spirit of the neutrals. Don’t tell Ettore that there is Milan Already Milon has not won Still Won but the path that has been marked is correct. And, from now on, five people on the field will travel less alone.

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