Fausto de Stephanie’s ‘fifteenth’ eight thousand, solidarity has reached the top

Toronto Film Festival: Wednesday, May 4 evening event “… even an impossible dream. Fifteen Eighteen of Fasto de Stephanie” which tells the story of the life of a great mountaineer and the birth of Rarahil Memorial School in Nepal. In the afternoon ITAS Montagna conference, single feminine with many guests to bring out the feminine perspective on the mountain theme.

Day 6 in a nutshell
10:00 – Book presentation “On the way to 150 years” Made by SAT and Casse Rurali Trentine
10.30 – Radio Dolomity. Ulrik Oberteger, guest of the day at the Edmund Mac Foundation’s Hydrobiology Unit, who will speak Hydrographic evolution of Lake Towel.
15:00 – Conference “Mountains, single feminine. How women live, read and explain highlands”. The panel consists of Anna Fachini, Roberta Silva, Francesca Borgetti, Marzia Verona, Linda Coutinho, Anna Girardi, Luana Bissetti, Tamara Lunger, Ricarda de Echer, Marzia Bortolamotti. Directed by Lorenzo Carpane.
21.00 – Evening events “… Even impossible dreams. Fifteen Eight Thousand by Fasto de Stephanie “ Edited by Montura Editing, which deals with the life of the great mountaineer and the birth of Rarahil Memorial School in Nepal.

Movie program: The screening of “Il buco”, winner of the Special Jury Prize in Venice in 2021, is a tribute to the director and judges of the Michelangelo Framartino Festival.

Events and meetings
The sixth day of the festivities begins at 10:00 a.m. Wednesday, May 4 with the presentation of the book “150 Years on the Road” by SAT and Casey Rurali Trentine. The event will be held at the Casa della SAT after a walk from Piazza Dante. Participants will be Anna Fachini, President of the SAT, and Silvio Muchi, President of the Common Fund of Casey Ruralli Trentine.

Radio Dolomti’s Piazza Fiera at 10.30 am Destination: Live broadcast of the future. Science Pill: Ulrik Oberteger, a guest of the day at the Edmund Mac Foundation’s Hydrobiology Unit, will talk about the hydrographic evolution of Lake Towel. Until the 1990s, deep water in lakes often produced sulfur because they lacked oxygen because deep water did not mix with surface water. With climate change water has lost this special smell. What are the causes and consequences of this incident? An event hosted by the Edmund Mack Foundation with the contribution of the Caritro Foundation.

With the first appointment of the day at 11.30 am the emotions between the pages are still live on Radio Dolomite: “The environment and fishing. The story of a project for young people”. The event will see the participation of Veronica Giuliani, Regional Manager of Youth Planning in the Valle de Laghi area, and Nicolai Tonina, creator of the project. The story is one of ten stories told in the book “Youth Planning Project. The Story That Makes a Difference”. Event organized by the Franco DeMarchi Foundation and the Agency for Social Cohesion.

What do I see today as a daily appointment with the Piazza Fierra section at the Montagnalibri Literature Lounge at noon? Where the festival’s film program director Sergio Fant and guest directors will guide the public to discover the day’s screenings.

At 3.00 pm in the conference room of Casa de Trento, the conference “Mountain, single woman. Read and explain how women live, the highlands.” The panel is made up of SAT President Anna Fachini, Association of Trentini Refugee President Roberta Silva, Francesca Borgetti, Director, Margia Verona, Priest and Writer, Linda Cotino, Writer, Anna Girardi, Head of Editorial Project and CAI Events. , Luana Bissetti, director of the Toronto Film Festival, Tamara Lunger, mountaineer, Ricarda de Eicher, artist and Margia Bortolamotti, founder of the “Women of the Mountains” community. Performed by Lorenzo Carpani, coordinator of the ITAS Awards. An event hosted by ITAS Mutua.

At 4:00 pm in Giardino del Muse, read the book “On the Mountain of Love” (Family Publisher) for families and children (6+) Try their hand at a pop-up lab curated by, to meet their inhabiting animals.

Afternoon appointments continue with the presentation of the Camina SCUP project at the Palazzo Rocabruna at 5.00 pm, during which Giacomo Palavar (director), Giampiero Girardi and Angelo Pranandini (Civil Service Office) will present images of the trekking experience that the young Trentino had in 2021. Provincial Public Civil Service: 115 km for a route through the valleys of Trentino. An event organized by the Provincial Universal Civil Service.

An informal and stimulating apparition at MUSE Terrace at 6.30 pm with an appointment with Anthropocene Drink and Think, with the participation of a working group of Italian scholars interested in a new descriptive language of the relationship between humanity and nature in Anthropocene. During the aperitif, author Marco Malvestio will present the book “Telling the End of the World. Science fiction and anthropocene” (Edizioni Nottetempo) and artist Stefano Cagol will reflect on environmental issues and human interference with nature.

Emotions in the pages with the second appointment of the day at 6.00 pm at the Montagnalibrie Literary Exhibition. Thousands of years young.

Fausto de Stephanie himself will then be the protagonist of the evening event at 9.00 pm “… even an impossible dream. Fausto de Stephanie’s Fifteen Eight Thousand” with the national premiere of the new theater show which speaks to his humanitarian and mountaineering experience. Rarahil Memorial School was born in Nepal. The show created by “Compagnia (S) Legate”, curated by Montura Editing, is free with the necessary reservations on the festival website.

Highlights | Movie program
World premiere of the documentary “The Frequency of the Bear” (Federico Beta, Italy / 2022/60 ‘) for the Arizonti Vicini division at the Multisala Modena in Sala 2 at 4.45 pm. A journey through the history of human-bear relationship in Trentino where various heroes create a philosophical puzzle that transcends prehistory, history, the struggle for salvation, the great population project and the present.

A special screening in Room 1 is Aventure de Billy Le Kid (by Luke Moulet, France / 1970/77) where director Luke Moulet returns to his landscape for a crazy and surreal West, played by an extraordinary Jean-Pierre Lewd. In the legendary bandit film, bandit Billy, after snatching a stage coach, cannot carry the huge loot himself. At that moment, in the mountains, he met Anne, who had escaped Cherokee’s attack.

The second summit (Hugo Saunders, United Kingdom, France / 2021/86 ‘) at the SuperCinema Vittoria at 6.30pm for the Alp and Ism section, where British Mick Fowler and Victor Saunders, mountaineering veterans, meet to cross the Himalayas and the canyon. Never climbed even after years of fighting: a great mix of biographies, historical films and photographs.

At Multisala Modena, in Room 2, at 7.00 pm for the Terre Alte section, La Pantalla Andina International Preview (Carmina Balaguer Monton, Spain / 2021/49 ‘) where an Argentine teacher led a tour movie operators to the highest altitude valley in Juju. School. Their arrival makes it possible to discover the educational values ​​of these mountains, the isolation of the Andean world, and how these communities are dedicated to the land.

The Special Screening Il Buko (Michelangelo Framartino, Italy / 2021/93 ‘) was set up in Room 3 at 7.00 pm in August 1961, when a group of young spleologists immersed themselves in the Calabrian Plateau on the southern soil that everyone was abandoning. Thus they discovered with its depth of 700 meters one of the deepest caves in the world, Abiso del Bifurto on the Polino Plateau, in the eyes of an old shepherd, the only witness to the polluted area. The film, already the winner of the 202 Special Jury Prize in Venice, pays tribute to Michelangelo Framartino, a jury member of the 70th Toronto Film Festival.

At 9.00pm Supersinema Vittoria The Preview of Wild Men (Thomas Deneskov, Denmark / 2021/104 ‘), a fairy tale that tells the story of Martin, who ran away from his family to live on the top of a Norwegian hill, hunting and gathering fruits and berries. His Martin self-satisfaction plan is overturned when he meets Musa, a drug courier, lost in the jungle, injured and bleeding in a car accident. The strange couple must join forces, to escape the darkness, the desert, the chase of the local police chief, Musa’s rivals, and Martin’s wife.

Finally at 9.15pm in Multisala Modena, 3rd Room Contest Akeji, Le Suffel de la Montagne (by Corinthian Lacante, Melanie Chan, France / 2020/72 ‘). The famous Japanese painter Akeji spends his days walking in the forest, drawing and meditating, while his wife collects plants and makes pigments. The life of customs and routines, which change with the seasons until they become one with the world around them. The harmony begins to erupt when Asako is admitted to the hospital, but the elderly couple is always aware of human insignificance in the face of nature.

Destination for Modena Sala 2 at 9.15pm … Paul Verhaven’s Future Bright Pop Masterpiece Starship Troopers, which staged the wild planet Klendathu in the rocky landscapes of Wyoming and South Dakota.

Information: trentofestival.it

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