From Bruno Munari’s Sensitive Forest to Inspired Animals Reaches Bologna

This weekend’s Animal Sensitive Park will be presented in Bologna, a project by HAD inspired by Bruno Munari’s Sensitive Wood: a home area designed to promote dog and cat sensations.

Per BolognaSaturday 7 May and Sunday 8 May a … Sensitive garden for animalsInspired by the famous Sensitive Forest Bruno Munari (Milan, 1907 – 1998) Quatrojampenfira, Dog and cat-friendly fair held in BolognaFiere this weekend. The sensitive garden for animals is a place for cats and dogs Installation Made with sensitive materials that favor a greater sense of sensitivity for their pets, and where the surfaces are designed to enrich the animal’s perception and cognitive experience.

A project by Sensitive Garden for animals Human animal design And, as mentioned, it was inspired by Bruno Munari’s Sensitive Forest, an artist and designer who supported the need to help children grow through all the senses so that they do not lose the meaning of life. And if sensory stimulation is essential to the human learning process, it is also essential to animals. The goal of the project is to amaze Quattrozampeinfiera visitors, but above all, to make it more suitable for dogs and cats, inviting him to reflect on the need to redesign the domestic space. In short, one Pay more attention to the species-specific characteristics of the animalAccording to its needs, which favors adaptation to a built environment which is very different from its natural habitat.

As visitors pass through the fair, they encounter a sensitive garden Four sections Dedicated to cats, dogs and of course human relationships with them. There are three categories devoted to the cat, its curiosity and dynamic, humorous and zenithal dimensions that distinguish many of its behaviors. Cats on wall mounted shelves can find a shelter away from chaos, climbing, climbing, scratch-marks, unnoticed looks, and of course. The walls of the installation are inspired by natural elements such as tree-life, sun-heat and water-waterfall.

At the center of the installation is the “Menders”, an organic giant sofa, where humans and dogs can lie together on the ground and strengthen their relationship by sharing space and resources, through rituals of closeness, affection and attachment. A place of coexistence where people welcome the animal’s point of view, tend to take a less ethnocentric position, paying more attention to the needs of others and their uniqueness.

HAD is a new brand that works on the environmental qualities of architectural sites, through specific or more extensive interventions, in terms of capabilities, accents, furniture, accessories, materials, including interventions that can be measured according to identified needs. The goal of the HAD approach is how a well-planned space can positively affect the animal’s behavior and psycho-physical balance, encourage adaptation to the domestic space and create new opportunities for expressive comfort in keeping with its talents and desires.

For the entire duration of Quattrozampeinfiera, visitors will be able to go to numerous sporting activities to spend two days of pure fun, from emotional activation games to parades with their dogs, to check and purchase products and services, with their faithful friends. For information, see the Quattrozampeinfiera website.

From Bruno Munari’s Sensitive Forest to Inspired Animals Reaches Bologna

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