He killed his wife and dog, PM Fulvio wanted 20 years for Sartori

Imperia. Nineteen years for slaughtering a wife, twenty years for killing a dog. The state’s lawyer said the sentence was announced Antonella Polity Made Auxiliary Court of ImperialJudge Laura Rousseau presided, against Fulvio Sartori81, has been brought to justice on the charge of Excited voluntary killing To cut the throat of a lifelong partner, Tina Boeiro80 years old, and Little dog Luna On the morning of April 19, 2021, in the center of Rochetta Narvina, Umberto I was in the apartment where they lived.

At the end Complaint formation lasts about an hour and a half, The prosecutor said: “I am not convinced by the thesis, for the purpose of passing, the person who saw no way and therefore this story ended tragically. I do not believe it. A conclusion of the magistrate, based on the fact that Sartori decided to kill his wife a few days before the incident and even considered taking his own life. However, if he did not succeed, he had already considered alternative solutions. “If he had not committed suicide – the prosecutor said – he would have gone to jail He chose to stay at home, for which he had an inner prison. ” And for the dog he carried around, probably because his wife asked him, but he didn’t really love her. He wanted to stop with everything.

When preparing a plea of ​​guilty, the magistrate “Partially bad mind“Found in Sartori. A mitigating situation that, according to prosecutors, exceeds five controversial provocative factors: cruelty, futility, murder of wife, disabled defense and improved age of the victim. It has come down to 19 years, with a one-year increase (crime constantly competing) reduced. At the time of the indictment, Dr. Polity paints a picture of the murderer’s mental report, which shows a person suffering from major depression as well as partial mental retardation. Does not represent, because people were understanding and willing.

“There is no doubt about Sartori Fulvio’s reunion with material activity – the prosecutor says – because he was almost arrested for the crime and until the moment he asked for 112’s intervention, he spontaneously said ‘I killed my wife’.”

Reconstruction of the personality of Fulvio Sartori. “The former forest ranger, he retired at a very young age, about 45 years old – remember the prosecutor – and he was a wild boar hunter. And again: “A good, honest man, who also played the role of deputy mayor. Everybody describes him as a very calm, pure man. They talk to him as a friendly person, joking, joking. Until recently, there was no sign of pathology. “

After killing and killing the dog, Psychodiagnostic examination was performed by Sartori Dr. Roca, A psychiatrist, diagnoses “major depressive disorder with behavioral changes.” Oxoricide has been described by experts as an “unusual episode” of violence against his wife. “The patient admits without difficulty speaking the truth and reports that his wife is suffering from a nervous breakdown, especially in the last twenty days.” His wife told him to cook because he was there. This thing hurt me a lot – underlining the prosecutor – because the request to cook doesn’t seem like such a heavy thing to me.

Still to the psychiatrist, Sartori admits he thought of “his wife’s old age.” «He looks ineffective – prosecutor continues -. Asked how he felt, he said ‘normal’. He says he hit his wife with a hammer and cut her throat imitating the gesture when he turned around. They even called it a rather annoying way. “

Dog killing. “When they asked him why he had killed the dog. She raised her voice and said angrily, “She was barking.” And then he claims to have killed her because he lived alone.

Everything was fixed beforehand. Even if the stressful situation of the predestination is not challenged, during the interview with the doctor “it comes up that the decision to kill the wife was considered a few days ago”. “The nephew is talking about a love affair – Dr Politi added – but it seems to me a rather inappropriate phrase to think of a poor beheaded woman.
I invite everyone to take a moment to put yourself in the lady’s shoes, which have been used for a lifetime, for 52 years, lying in bed with her husband, whom she was worried about. She cared for her husband, loved him. Woke up with a brutal blow to the head. She turned around and was attacked by men, by her husband, by “poor things”, her whole life was dominated by this woman. You see, your killer has started cutting his face and throat. ‘

“Despite his conviction of violence against his wife, Sartori (who wanted to commit suicide after the crime, ed.) Had a shallow cut, so much so that he did not bleed, so the wound was not so important,” the prosecutor added. , That’s the right word, Poor wife 7.

“There is no aspect of social danger, because valve intolerance, and I will add hatred to his wife – the magistrate concludes. In between, whose action is a fracture in the patient’s continuity. Something very powerful, seems to have freed itself at that moment. […] He never said he regretted it, he never got upset, he never cried, he never said: “Oh my God, what have I done”.

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