How to deal with the loss of our dogs or cats

How to deal with the loss of our dogs or cats – Corriere TV


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When disease occurs, we may face difficult choices about what we should do for the best for our animals. Preparing for the moment of death allows us to make the right decisions and respect our partner to the best of our ability

What should we do if a dog – or a cat or any other animal living in our house – gets sick or dies? When an illness occurs or your life is just over, difficult decisions may need to be made: insist on treatment, consider euthanasia, and choose palliative care at home. There are many arguments surrounding this theme. An important piece of advice, however, may be to change the outlook, to let him indicate the path and time spent together in this final episode. Listening to the message that the dog sends us is an idea that is often repeated in the episodes of this column. And last but not least, the headline made you read this article. But understanding the meaning of being ready also means when our dog will tell us: “It’s time, let me go”.

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