Is it legal to sell dogs without breeding?

In Italy It is not illegal to sell dogs without breeding. What is illegal is to sell purebred dogs (or rather: declare them pure breeds) in the absence of a breed. Only properly registered dogs are purebred dogs. Others are considered mestizos even though they have all the morphological features of a particular lineage.

What is pedigree?

Pure breed of dog
In the picture: Pure breed of dog

Before going into the merits of the subject, it is necessary to explain what this document actually consists of, as it also clarifies the consequences of selling or buying a dog in the absence of a pedigree.

Generally speaking, it can be said that a genealogy is a document from which a list of paternal and maternal ancestors of an animal is made. In particular, in the case of registered dogs in our country, the pedigree is Certificate of enrollment in hard book register held by ENCI.

The ENCI genealogy specifies:

  • Animal personal and identification data (breed, sex, date of birth, color);
  • The number from which the registration is shown in one of the various registers in which the animal book has been made;
  • Ancestors of animals (parents, grandparents, grandparents …);
  • Any descendants who have qualified in beauty or work;
  • Personal information of owner and breeder;
  • Various changes in dog ownership;
  • More useful information.

A dog can be considered a “pure breed” only if it is registered in these registers.

Can dogs be sold without breeding?

Is it legal to sell dogs without breeding?
In the picture: Is it legal to sell dogs without breeding?

Dogs, like other animals, are considered immovable property in our civil law. As such they can be sold by individuals who have no ambition to breed, not even amateurs. So the law allows the free transfer of dogs (Mestizos) even without breeding.

And instead Prohibited and severe punishment – by legal decree no. 529 of 1992 – Sale of dogs declared “purebred” if they are not properly registered As mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The rules in practice allow, “Marketing of purebred animals of national and community origin (…), especially with reference to subjects registered in the Pastoral Book or Registry Register (…) and with a specific hereditary certificate issued by the Breeding Association that the relative book is hereditary Or contains the registry. The marketing of purebred animals originating in third countries has also been allowed, for which the Minister of Agriculture and Forests has verified the existence of at least one national equivalent law through his own provisions. (…)

What are the risks of those who sell purebred dogs without breeding

The same law, as mentioned, provides Heavy fines for those who market purebred animals for lack of required official registration. In a nutshell: Prohibition and approval begins when dogs are declared a purebred by the seller, even though they are not registered with the ENCI Register.

There are also cases, much more serious, where the behavior of the seller can even constitute a crime. Indeed, with Act 201 of 2010, the legislature introduced new offenses of “illegal trafficking of pets.” Convicted in new case Three months to one year imprisonment And with a relevant one 3,000 to € 15,000 fine: Anyone, in order to make a profit for himself or others, through repeated or organized activities, introduces the dog to the national territory without separate identification system and necessary health certificate and where necessary a separate passport.

Punishes with the same punishment: Anyone who transports, transfers or receives a dog for any reason, for a profit for himself or others, is introduced into the national territory in violation of the above.

Punishment is further increased if these animals are less than 12 weeks of age or come from the area subject to restrictive measures taken by the veterinary police to prevent the spread of infectious diseases specific to the species.

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