Ricardo Bonadio: “Roland Garros aims to qualify and finish in the top 200. Winning in Antalya is a great inspiration.”

Interviewed by Supernews Ricardo Bonadio, Friulian tennis player born in 1993, ranked 235 in the ATP rankings. The new winner of the ITF tournament AntalyaSapphire told her story Path Tennis, her The goal Seasonal and upcoming Tournament Where it will participate.

Ricardo, in February you won your first ITF title in 2022, the Antalya Tournament on the ground. What was the toughest opponent? How did you feel about beating Cuevas in the final?

Was the strongest opponent Azdukovic, A Croatian tennis player born in 2001 who I met in the semifinals with a very strong and aggressive tennis. I have to say that I played that game incredibly well. I knew I could annoy my opponent: I was able to maintain a constant level throughout the game and force my tennis. The toughest match was definitely against the final CuevasBecause I didn’t play as well as the day before. Moreover, tensions were felt and the climate conditions were not very favorable. However, I was able to advance very well in the third set, when I was one step away from defeat at 4 to 3 break points for Cuevas: at that moment I saved a very important game, and the match seemed to be moving forward. Towards the third set tie break. The last game took a turn after playing in the best possible way, probably The best game of my tournament, Managed to find the serve at the end of the match. It was a game that gave me confidence, as I am not a player who usually knows how to handle those moments there, but in that match I was able to get out of trouble in the best way possible. It gives me great inspiration Also for the next few weeks.

You made a great trip to the ITF tournament in Opatija, Croatia: you won against Jacket in the semifinals, but the Hungarian class 1998 Valkus won the final. What was the lack of winning the match?

I came from a great time: I won the tournament in Antalya, I came from a challenger semifinal, where I played very well and I came to Croatia with the idea of ​​winning the tournamentBecause I needed it for ranking Roland Garros in terms. I got off to a very good start in the first three games, with pretty easy scores and great tennis. The level has increased a lot since the semifinals. Already against the jacket I began to measure myself against opponents of a certain power and began to feel the fatigue of the whole previous period. The first day I won against the French, in a very tough game until the last point, Manage the important moments of the match well. I won 6-4 0-6 6-4, so I didn’t have great consistency and I couldn’t express the good tennis shown in previous games, but I was still able to level up at crucial moments in the match. This match, with all the tournaments played together, had a big impact on my physical condition once I reached the final and I actually broke down at the start of the second set of the match against Valkus. I have to say My opponent surprised me: The Hungarian is playing some very good matches, now he has found himself in the quarter finals in Split, and he is beating some really strong players. Valkusz is a young man with very good prospects, and I think he has a very high level of going.

In Challengers, on the other hand, you had a chance to face your compatriots: you lost to Lorenzo Gustino in the 32nd round at Oiras in Portugal, but lost your way in the 16th round against Alessandro Giannesi, born in 1990 and ranked 160th ATP. The match ended 6-2-6-1: What is the reason for this clear result?

Against Justino I was able to manage my strength, not a great but played a good enough match. Dr. in the match against the reverse Giannesi, Also affected by strong winds, I have been put in trouble by my opponents. The results were consistent with the level of tennis published by both. Giannessi’s game is boring for me, I really give him great credit. He didn’t do anything wrong, he didn’t give me anythingSo it turned out to be absolutely right.

What do you think of the young blues emerging in Italian tennis? Do you see a higher potential and a promising future in someone?

We are definitely experiencing a rosy moment in Italian tennis, for “senior” players like me, who are finding excellent results and for emerging and non-emerging young blues. I can definitely talk about tennis players Papi and Museti, But without going too far we find very talented players who have a clear idea and who want to reach the ambitious goal. I am mentioning its name Luca NardiI think there are more possibilities at the moment, but other young men and women who can snatch other great satisfaction, such as Passaro, Arnoldi, Zappieri, Maestrelli, Forty. There are many that can aspire to higher levels.

From 2021 to 2022 you went from 305 to 235 in the ATP rankings, rising to 70th position. Will you climb others? What is your seasonal goal?

The first goal is Enter Paris. To make a calculation, I need 100 points to enter, which I have right now, so I think I achieved it. I hope Roland Garros does not turn out to be the highest cut-off in recent years. However, the seasonal target remains within 200, if possible 150th position To qualify for the following Grand Slams and be able to get some better results than last year. Last season I also reached the Round of 16 and the quarter-finals, but I often missed the two games that allowed me to keep the points that made the difference in the rankings.

Which tournament will you participate in next?

The start of the season was very good for me, I played a lot of games, so we decided to stop for this week, so that I can physically remember and rest my head. After that, I will try to prepare Roland Garros Debate over the Mouthausen or Prague tournament depends on which draw I enter and then Zagreb. From there, I hope to make it to the Paris Grand Slam qualifiers.

Speaking of Roland Garros, who do you think is the favorite of this version?

This is the most controversial version in recent years: Nadal out due to injury, Djokovic Coming back recently after personal events related to Covid, the youngest players have yet to win a Grand Slam and are finding a little more rhythm on the ground, I think as an example. Sitsipas Who won the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo. So, I don’t think there’s a real favorite. Although it would be risky to say so, since we do not yet know the health status of the Spaniard, it would not surprise me if he won it. Nadal. After all, what Djokovic, Federer and Nadal have done is indescribable, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all, not even winning a Grand Slam after a month of inactivity.

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