Russia-Ukraine War Story | Bucha, a 26-year-old man who brought people to safety in a van: “Executed with a blow to the head”

The heroic deeds from below, which arose after a declared tragedy, left only a bad taste in the mouth. Hell Kaminieva The Russian military has not begun to rescue people from violent aggression Bucha Because he thought he was invincible, he felt it was just his duty to do so. She is 26 years old, fighting in front of her husband and has two small children Dead And his body was found several days after his disappearance. The last time he was seen alive, he sped off in his van to Vokjalna Ulika, via Della Stagion, Save an elderly couple from certain death The Russians ended up at gunpoint, excited as before: “I will never forget that phone call, it was the last time I spoke to him. It was an afternoon and I got a call from Dzhanna. He warned me that there was an emergency in Bucha, i Russian troops They were looking for people In the house And there were old people inside those houses of Vokjalna Ulika. In a few minutes he would reach our reception center where we could take care of these people. Dzhanna’s van did not come here ”.

Andrzej Rushov He is forced to interrupt the dialogue, the emotion is great. He instructed the Bible Center, just outside the religious facilities IrpinThe final or intermediate destination for civilians fleeing the horrors of two cities on the outskirts of Kiev is smiling once and for all, suddenly, from the end of last February, the occupying army hates to sacrifice: “I never heard of Janna – he continued. Let’s meet. One day he came here with his van, there were literally people inside They were torn from their homes before being torn apart. He was a force of nature, he had incredible perseverance and ever-present smile. Since the beginning of the Russian occupation, his life has been focused on saving people. He knew he was taking a risk, but he didn’t care, he had a mission. I have never seen his courage. “

The saved soul ferryman, along with him, did not come to terms with the fate marked by the event. Rushav’s son, Dennis, 19, Exhibition Vokzalna ulica. The gentle sloping road connects the Booker Center with the bridge over the river of the same name, which leads directly to Irpin. It was this The center of the conflict between the enemy forces At the end of March, when the Russians were pushed back and actually forced to surrender and one was trampled. Towards Irpin, the tragic destruction of a shopping center called ‘Le Giraffe’. Cold high low houses in the shade of tall trees on either side of the road next to Booker. Now Not a single house is exemptThere is nothing left but a pile of rubble: “Here, this is the home of the last mission of hell – Dennis – we know that during his last journey he was stopped by a patrol of Russian soldiers and taken away with the people. He has already recovered from other houses. Half a dozen.Nothing was known about him until two weeks ago, when local authorities revealed it Finding his body: They shot him in the head. He really was a hero. My grandmother used to live in that house instead. Fortunately, she left long before the Russians destroyed the whole road. The house is gone. “

Just over a month ago, Moscow troops stationed in the Kyiv Oblast returned to Belarusian territory to be moved to the southeastern front and pushed back. Horror is known now. Yablunska Yulika in a corner of Vokjalna Yulika, the street where they were found The first corpses of executed residents, Left on the ground for days. The faces of those who survived, those who survived and those who have already, returned after fleeing. Kyiv And Zaitomy, They speak for themselves. A group of elderly women are sitting on the bench. It’s hard to bear the memory of their 35-day career: “Who left home He was killed instantly – They say – We were stuck inside without water and electricity, in the hope that the Russians would not enter the house. Around here they can hear everything bombed, clear shots, but no one wants to go and see the temptation of fate. They have endless days. From the window opening we saw the progress of the Russians and heard the screams of those who were caught and then killed. On the morning of April 1st, when the sound of the tank disappeared, we left the house and took the sidewalk, down the street, into the ditch, There were the bodies of our neighborsCitizens including us. ” Alexander KovesnikovEighty-four strong hands and eyes swollen with pain The death penalty He saw them from his home as a tank fired two shots: “I took my wife and we hid Basement And we stayed there. One day, I don’t remember when, they started firing with the wagon and two bullets hit the house. The first fell directly on the entrance, the second on the roof. Here are the remains of the house, ruins and heaps of rubble, but the basement is accessible. We survived, me, my wife, two dogs and a cat. “

Kovesnev begins to tell a really startling story: “From my half-open gate I heard screams from the Delicia factory next door. Wax A man is fleeing and soldiers are running after him. They took her, threw her to the ground, stripped her naked, then shot her twice and left with their clothes. It was very cold in those days of March. I saw the scene with my own eyes, I was afraid they would notice. It got worse a few days later. Another was killed, a bulldozer or a cart cut the body in two and set it on fire. That corpse was burning day by day. ” There is no end to the panic in Bucha. According to the city mayor, Anatoly Fedorok85% Bucha Victim is present Bullet holes in the body or scalp, A clear sign of a brief execution. Of the more than 1,200 civilian bodies found in Kyiv Oblast, 488 They concern the terrible city. Some, arsonists, have not yet been identified. The update is a few days old. About half of the largest excavations have been carried out Mass grave Behind the church in the town, St. Andreas. With us is Valentine, a middle-aged man who fled to Kiev and returned to his hometown a few days after the occupiers fled. The mass grave is located just behind the entrance to the White Orthodox Church with the Golden Dome, raised on a hill and centered on a few mortar shells by itself: “I came here when they found the mass grave – go back with your mind. No. The dead were not brought out. It was terrible. I knew some of those people. “

Now they are on the ground Removed and excavated are unforgivable marks of the earth And gloves used by forensic personnel to retrieve bodies. A small tomb was also found inside the Bucha cemetery, the target of a series of artillery attacks. Finally the thrilling story of the factory headquarters Agrobudpostac, An industrial area on the outskirts of the city. Three storey building consisting of office. A massacre took place here in the first half of March: “People fled and many took refuge here – according to Maximilian, who is now in charge of surveillance in the region – they thought they could save themselves and instead the Russians came here and actually occupied the headquarters. About forty people were executed behind the buildingI will take you there “. While going to the place of killing, he also shows the picture of the slaughterhouse in the same place.

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