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Dog breeding for lazy owners? There is a pattern suitable for a lifestyle that creates slowness and daily relaxation. Let’s get to know them better in this article.

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Every little dog can be the perfect companion for each of us. There is a belief that suits every personality and every lifestyle, even for owners who like to live in peace in the comfort of their home. Let’s see, here, what Dog breeds for lazy ownersIncluding their features and curiosity.

The perfect fur friend for each of us

A dog can be a valuable friend in our lives, if not a point of reference for many people. Even low-demand owners can choose their ideal hairy dog, with which to spend time in total relaxation. We read more below.

Fur is more for lazy owners
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Owning a dog doesn’t just mean having a pet with whom you can go for long walks or with whom you can find a desire to play some sports.

Many people want to experience the way, after the little time available, many hours of work and commitment More Comfortable Possible, while sitting on your sofa.

And here’s that Fido understands us better than anyone else Understanding And his Power From Adapt For the needs and aspirations of his human lord.

For some owners it is good to have a small dog by their side, who like them, does not like sports very much and who likes Lazy all around And To do A lot Sleep In a welcoming and safe home environment.

There are dog breeds that are ideal for people who tend to spend many hours Rest Rest assuredReading a good book or watching a movie on TV, or enjoying a delicious meal, makes the favorite Bau water.

These hairy ones we’ll talk about later also like it Life HousewifeLying on warm blankets and games endlessly and being abused by family.

They won’t bother the little dogs who tell their owners to go out for a run. Find out what’s left!

Dog breeds for lazy owners: Here are the ideal samples

They are recognized as hairy couch potatoes, lovers of a quiet life away from the daily noise and stress. We know the ideal breed of dog for those who love to live in their own home, in peace, with a simple passion that does not require much effort.

Dog breeding for lazy owners
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Dog breeding for lazy owners I:

  • Pug;
  • English Bulldog;
  • Pekingz;
  • Dog dog;
  • Shih Taju;
  • Multis;
  • Newfoundland;
  • St. Bernard’s dog.


The first of the dog breeds for lazy owners is the legendary pug, capable of conquering anyone with its beautiful demeanor and irresistible face.

Bau for lazy lords
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In the most suitable fur Life From ApartmentCuddles and naps in the company of his loving man, a boyfriend, Pug is not particularly demanding. All these adorable little dogs want constant company, caresses And Rest In a pleasant and quiet place.

English Bulldog

Another breed of dog that is suitable for the lazy owner is the English Bulldog. We are talking about a pattern that, for health, can not be too tired. Let’s read more about her.

The little dog on the lawn
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The English Bulldog is preferred by families and less demanding owners. Being a brachycephalic He has a tendency to have bad breath easily, so he can take some walks from time to time but he can rest for the rest of the day. Total Relax And devoted himself to his loving people.


A sample suitable for even small and sweet Pekingese lazy and quiet owners. Let’s get to know him better here.

Fido and rest in nature
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Considered a perfect little dog for home life, the Pekingese love to enjoy Moment Lens And Delightful The day together with its owner, is really a very demanding initiative to keep away. The hairy man really likes a comfortable life and constantly hugs the sofa he loves the most.

Dog dog

Inevitably, on this list, one lazy dog ​​equals excellence, Chow Chow. This is a dog that is almost always tired and prone to a lot of sleep.

Moves on hairy grass
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Thick fur and adorable plus look, big chow chow, are preferred by the little ones No. He is a lover of sports activities, Rather! If it were possible to go hibernation, this hairy man wouldn’t think too much about it, because it doesn’t take much for him to be good and happy in the family.

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Shih Taju

Among the dog breeds for lazy owners, we find Shih Tzu. This irresistible specimen, in fact, is a truly lazy and loves to sleep for long periods of time on his quiet days.

Little dog surrounded by green
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With Shih Tzu dog you can sleep and dream peacefully. A hairy dog ​​that, for his physical and mental well-being, only needs to do Something Walking Once satisfied daily, he can lie down peacefully in bed and rest happily.


Maltese is also one of the sweetest dog breeds for lazy owners. Fido often doesn’t like the idea of ​​going out. Let’s see more about this small sample.

The dog is running
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There is not much pretense of lovely maltese suitable for domestic life. In the most comfortable corner of the house between the sleeping and the loving hug, the little dog No. It goes Crazy For The Activities Motor And exit the door. Good Stop sleeping And observe the panoramas from his own cottage, with his people.


A very sought-after sample for his calm character, when it comes to resting in peace at home. Let’s get to know the great Newfoundland better.

Lazy hairy man in the garden
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This hairy monster is particularly fond of Life Housemaid Inside Space Large And full of green, where you can take slow and safe secluded walks. Good Newfoundland is satisfied with his family’s presence and able to move a little, but only when he feels like it.

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St. Bernard’s dog

The last lazy and easy-going dog specimen we are talking about here is the St. Bernard dog. Good and kind, he is a guardian out of the box.

The wife does not want to do anything
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A gentle and friendly dog, St. Bernard’s dog happily adapts to the clean and quiet life of the home environment without demanding too much from its master. A few Walking And A lot Sleep With him and in the seventh heaven.

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