Daniel Hackett is ready to say yes to Bologna

The continuation of the Ukrainian conflict has started a slow but progressive flight of Russian team players. Among them is Daniel Hackett. Daniel Hackett is leaving CSKA An earthquake is ready to shake up European basketball, changing many balances of power and classification that seemed to come together until a few days ago. Indeed, with … Read more

Basketball together: When basketball social inclusion

Basketball is a powerful means of social inclusion: Dolomiti Energia Trentino has been able to verify this through various projects where the sport has been used as a common language to integrate different histories. This happened with the project last year“Basketball, in a word, the world”An activity that involves significant contributions from asylum seekers and … Read more

Favorite Basketball: Michael Jordan’s letter to basketball after his third retirement

“Favorite basketball, It’s been almost 28 years since we met. 28 years later I saw you in the back of our garage. It has been 28 years since my parents brought us together. If someone told me what we would be, I’m not sure I believed them. I barely remember your name. Then I started … Read more

Basketball Arena, Review – Nerd4.life

Following the success of Head Ball 2, the English team decided to apply the same formula to Masomo Basketball: Review of the Basketball Arena here. If you have tried Head Ball 2Previous mobile game branded MasomoThe Basketball Arena Review It must sound familiar. The English team, in the best tradition of the genre, has indeed … Read more

Last Chance U: Basketball, Review

Last Chance U: Basketball – a still image “Ladies and gentlemen, Michael Jordan and the basketball godWe made headlines on the occasion of the release The Last Dance. There Last Chance U: Basketball Review, Documents TV available in 8 episodes Netflix From March 10 it starts with very different estimates. The heroes are not gods, … Read more

NBA, Referee Revolution: How to Exclude “Non-Basketball Move”

How the association wants to eliminate “non-basketball rice” in 2021-22, with the help of Chief Referee Monty McCachin David Chinelato & commat; dchinellato September 24 – Milan Luka Donsick marches to the defense of the Golden State. Andrew Wiggins leaps forward to try to stop him, descending a few centimeters from the Dallas star, now … Read more

Tam Tam basketball is still blocked by FIP

Even youth basketball has resumed playing normally across Italy or is preparing to do so. A phrase that is valid for everyone but not for everyone Tam Tam Basketball. The club, based in Castelvolterno, Campania, has become famous in the basketball world in recent years for the various obstacles that have complicated (and not so … Read more

NBA and Champions Camp have announced the opening of the first NBA basketball school in Italy

There National Basketball Association (NBA) And Srl Sports and Fun HolidaysOne of the leading Italian tour operators, through the Champions Camp brand, today announced a multi-year partnership, offering holiday for children and youth. Italy’s first NBA basketball school. The launch of the training program in Italy, with open events for players of both sexes, will … Read more