He killed his wife and dog, PM Fulvio wanted 20 years for Sartori

Imperia. Nineteen years for slaughtering a wife, twenty years for killing a dog. The state’s lawyer said the sentence was announced Antonella Polity Made Auxiliary Court of ImperialJudge Laura Rousseau presided, against Fulvio Sartori81, has been brought to justice on the charge of Excited voluntary killing To cut the throat of a lifelong partner, Tina … Read more

Her marriage was annulled because her fianc প্রায় almost killed her dog during a bachelor party

They were going to get married very soon. They have been together since 2018. But for some big reason their wedding plan was thwarted: the bride almost killed her partner’s dog during her bachelor party. To celebrate, she hosted a party at the house where she already lived, when her boyfriend went to her parents’ … Read more

Is it legal to sell dogs without breeding?

In Italy It is not illegal to sell dogs without breeding. What is illegal is to sell purebred dogs (or rather: declare them pure breeds) in the absence of a breed. Only properly registered dogs are purebred dogs. Others are considered mestizos even though they have all the morphological features of a particular lineage. What … Read more

In Italian homes, dogs, cats and other pets outnumber Italians: there are over 62 million

Pets are a part of many Italian lives. During the lockdown, when we all experienced long-term isolation, the number of animals in our home reached 62.1 million by 2021 (thus far exceeding the Italian population of 59.55 million inhabitants). Altroconsumo interviewed a sample of 1,058 citizens between the ages of 18 and 74, between September … Read more

Brief reflection on compliance and risk

Cryptography is defined as the technique of presenting a message in such a way that the information contained in it can only be received by the recipient; This can be achieved in two different ways: by concealing the existence of the message or by modifying the text of the message in a way that makes … Read more

Dog leishmaniasis: causes, symptoms and remedies

Also note as LeishmaniaThe Leishmaniasis (Named after its discoverer, Scottish biologist William Boog Leshman) One of the most dangerous diseases that can affect DogsSuch as this one Not a chronic and completely curable pathology. For this reason, anyone who owns a pet dog must pay special attention to the symptoms, in order to diagnose the … Read more