Work your abs – Ticinonline

When we talk about the abdomen we usually refer to the three muscle layers in front and around the viscera (rectum, oblique, transverse).Because of their insignificant “aesthetic importance”, abdominal training arouses a great deal of interest among fans of fitness, exercise and all related activities.Nonetheless, the abdominal waist forms a fundamental part of the core … Read more

Exercise to do at home

P.Prohibition on closing windows and leaving the house They are of concern to the majority of people, only those over 65 and those suffering from chronic diseases. However, in order not to lose the benefits of training done so far and not to lose muscle tone (in addition to the hard-earned weight) you can organize … Read more

Contract Sex in Marriage: Yes or No?

J.Ennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have inserted a clause in the pre-marital agreement that stipulates a minimum of 4 sexual encounters per week. But experts reject the idea. Here’s the reason At least four times a week: The Lopez-Affleck family needs to have a lot of intimacy. The agreement says so. Just as a house … Read more

A one-month or three-month voucher for free access to the world’s largest gym

Urban Sports Club A one-month or three-month voucher for free access to the world’s largest gym This year the perfect Christmas gift is dedicated to sport and flexibility: a digital voucher that can open the doors of hundreds of gyms, sports centers and swimming pools (for one or even three months), eliminating annoying restrictions. Subscription. … Read more

Spa break with the most special woman in the world on Mother’s Day

Special Mother’s Day. For the uninitiated, the date marked on the calendar is May 8, in short, right around the corner. If it’s true that seeing your mom open a gift package is always a joy for the eyes (and for the heart), we have a suggestion for you: why don’t mom and daughter plan … Read more