Fausto de Stephanie’s ‘fifteenth’ eight thousand, solidarity has reached the top

Toronto Film Festival: Wednesday, May 4 evening event “… even an impossible dream. Fifteen Eighteen of Fasto de Stephanie” which tells the story of the life of a great mountaineer and the birth of Rarahil Memorial School in Nepal. In the afternoon ITAS Montagna conference, single feminine with many guests to bring out the feminine … Read more

Botswana’s largest elephant has died

Botswana’s largest elephant dies on a hunting safari, and the worst part is this All legal; Activities are controlled only to control the number of animals in the affected area. The hunting safari is purely organized Economic benefits; There are, in fact, agencies that exploit the terrifying passions of many tourists to kill wildlife in … Read more

Aston Martin has been replaced by CEO, the top two former Italian Ferraris

Speaking Italian, at the top, Aston Martin. Tobias Moers’ departure, effective immediately Opens for replacement The role of CEO with Amedio Felisa. Already part of the British brand, Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Product Strategy Board, Felisa replaces Moers, who is due to confirm the change by the end of July. Navigate the brand … Read more

The magic of surrealism is revealed in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Venice

Leonora Carrington, The joy of Dagobarto , 1945, egg temperature on masonite, 74.9 × 86.7 cm, personal collection © By Leonora Carrington, SIAE 2022 Venice – Presented today at the Palazzo Venier de Leoni, home of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, is one of the most anticipated exhibitions of 2022. From Saturday 9th April … Read more

David de Donatello 2022, all winners

The 67th edition of the David de Donatello Prize was distributed during an awards ceremony hosted by Carlo Conti and Drusila Foyer. ‘It was the hand of God’ has won 5 categories: Film, Directed by Paolo Sorrentino, Supporting Actress by Teresa Saponazello, Photography by Daria D’Antonio and David Giovanni. This is the first David Joy … Read more