The real meaning of zodiac signs and their characteristics

Astrology is used by all of us as a way to learn more about ourselves and others. Since we are multifaceted people, even this subject can be extremely complex and to be able to talk to everyone, it has been increasingly simplified over the years. Only in this way, at times, have we come to … Read more

10 hybrid animals that really exist

The Hybrid animals They are the result of a crossing between two races, species and, above all, an organism Different species. In biology, one of the most widely accepted definitions for describing a species is the possibility of freely interbreeding. A biological species is usually described as a group of similar organisms, Able to reproduce … Read more

The circus in Salerno. Veg Compania protests: “Horrible scene. Animals are scared and deprived of freedom “

Veg CampaniaThe association, which protects the rights of animals, condemns the approval for display Circus “The saddest thing in the world “, As they define it, through a revelation that will happen Sunday 13 March From 15.30 Through Salvador Allende Near Arechi Stadium Salerno. “Unacceptable based on a show Brutal trainingTired journey e Continuous imprisonment, … Read more

War and nature

Unfortunately, we are here again to ensure that, despite all the goodwill of many organizations, all the people of the world come to reject war as a tool for resolving social and political differences (see Article 11 of our Constitution: “Italy rejects war As an instrument of the crime of freedom of other people … … Read more