Bonfiglio No. 62, return to normalcy

“Tomorrow’s champions … today”. The slogan of the Bonifiglio Trophy, the tournament presented today at the Liberty Building which serves as the clubhouse of the Milan Alberto Bonacosa Tennis Club, is the same as ever, but this time Milan fans have to wait less than usual for a game. (Free) Future tennis tour. Because the … Read more

Ricardo Bonadio: “Roland Garros aims to qualify and finish in the top 200. Winning in Antalya is a great inspiration.”

Interviewed by Supernews Ricardo Bonadio, Friulian tennis player born in 1993, ranked 235 in the ATP rankings. The new winner of the ITF tournament AntalyaSapphire told her story Path Tennis, her The goal Seasonal and upcoming Tournament Where it will participate. Ricardo, in February you won your first ITF title in 2022, the Antalya Tournament … Read more

Conversation with Pancho Di Matteo

Our favorite sport has some challengers with a great history behind it, tournaments that are more popular with players and more appealing than others. The Rome Garden open It is one of them, a real test bed for future tennis champions, played around the Internazionale d’Italia and which hosts important talents every year. Do you … Read more

The hero of tennis in Santa Cruz, has returned to the international tournament ‘Serie A’

(Photo Back at the great youth tennis hero Santa Cross Sul’Arno. After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the spotlight is back on the red field Tennis Club Santa Cross Sul’Arno For ITF Youth Tournament “Città di Santa Croce” Mauro Sabatini. Recruitment to “Serie A” with the promise of international tennis 9 to 14 … Read more

ATP Pune: Results with details of the quarter finals. Stefano Travaglia has also been dropped

Stefano Travaglia in the picture He also left the scene in an ATP tournament with the highest ranking of 2022 Stefano Travaglia.Ascoli Piseno, 30, lost to Sweden in the 93rd ATP and 8th qualifying quarter-finals. Elias Yamarn.163 ATP, promoted by qualifiers with a result of 64 76 (4) 1 hour 28 minutes after the match. … Read more