Aston Martin has been replaced by CEO, the top two former Italian Ferraris

Speaking Italian, at the top, Aston Martin. Tobias Moers’ departure, effective immediately Opens for replacement The role of CEO with Amedio Felisa. Already part of the British brand, Non-Executive Director and Chairman of the Product Strategy Board, Felisa replaces Moers, who is due to confirm the change by the end of July. Navigate the brand … Read more

The magic of surrealism is revealed in the Peggy Guggenheim Collection – Venice

Leonora Carrington, The joy of Dagobarto , 1945, egg temperature on masonite, 74.9 × 86.7 cm, personal collection © By Leonora Carrington, SIAE 2022 Venice – Presented today at the Palazzo Venier de Leoni, home of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice, is one of the most anticipated exhibitions of 2022. From Saturday 9th April … Read more

Her marriage was annulled because her fianc প্রায় almost killed her dog during a bachelor party

They were going to get married very soon. They have been together since 2018. But for some big reason their wedding plan was thwarted: the bride almost killed her partner’s dog during her bachelor party. To celebrate, she hosted a party at the house where she already lived, when her boyfriend went to her parents’ … Read more

Is it legal to sell dogs without breeding?

In Italy It is not illegal to sell dogs without breeding. What is illegal is to sell purebred dogs (or rather: declare them pure breeds) in the absence of a breed. Only properly registered dogs are purebred dogs. Others are considered mestizos even though they have all the morphological features of a particular lineage. What … Read more

Three gorgeous puppies are looking for a home in Trieste

Here we are: with the arrival of May, the heart warms in terms of summer and it is time to go out and take a long walk, but not alone. To face the spring with more sweetness and joy, you can adopt a puppy in the family. In addition to changing his life for the … Read more

In Italian homes, dogs, cats and other pets outnumber Italians: there are over 62 million

Pets are a part of many Italian lives. During the lockdown, when we all experienced long-term isolation, the number of animals in our home reached 62.1 million by 2021 (thus far exceeding the Italian population of 59.55 million inhabitants). Altroconsumo interviewed a sample of 1,058 citizens between the ages of 18 and 74, between September … Read more