A cat has been rescued from a bombed-out building in Ukraine: “It has been there for two months”

A ruined palace in Borodianka, Ukraine. Russian bombs ripped through the walls of the apartment building. Some apartments have been canceled. Others stood, but completely damaged and from the road you can see everything inside. In the deadly silence, a desperate Maya can be heard. On the seventh floor there is a cat that has … Read more

The young Vania’s courage, the child saves her cat from the Mariupol bomb

Vania and her family Mariupol lived through hell. She, her younger sister and her parents were able to escape from the Ukrainian city virtually devastated by the Russian bombing and now they are able to reach the town of Zaporizhia where they can be more secure. Upon their arrival, they told their story to some … Read more

The story of Valentina’s escape from Ukraine with the cat Lucy hidden in a travel bag

Many of the stories of refugees fleeing Ukraine include Valentina, a middle-aged woman, traveling with her cat, Lucy. Thousands of people fled in a hurry to save themselves from Russian aggression. Love tells her story: Her volunteers met a woman in Korkzova, the entrance between Poland and Ukraine, while Valentina was standing in line at … Read more

After escaping from Bucha, the cat lost its boundary and after 45 days, it came out from somewhere around the house

In early March, when Russian troops were able to capture Bucha, which later became tragically famous for the bodies left on the streets by the invading military, many decided to flee. Among them is a woman who started her journey to a safe destination with some things and her cat Sima. But unfortunately, during the … Read more

Training, sports and recreation for dogs and cats

Quattrozampeinfiera, Italy’s most famous “two-day pet-friendly” arrived in Bologna. The Great Bologna Fair Exhibition Center will host it for the first time, May 7 and 8. “More appointments for a unique event. An exhibition path that today, post-epidemic, is aware of being a spokesman for a socio-cultural commitment: to make Italian cities more pet-friendly. We … Read more

Alexi, the Ukrainian cat and dog guardian angel, is the star of “Dancing with the Star” and three-time striptease champion.

Alexei Survatsev is a big man. Full beard, shaved buttocks and a kind of bangs on top. Physically the sculpture, with some tattoos, makes him look almost like a character from a Viking movie. But this strong and determined aspect of him hides his love for dogs and cats trapped in the heart of gold … Read more