Pets looking for a family in Italy

The scent of flowers, the longer the sunlight, the longer the desire to be outside. Spring always manages to delight itself with its color and scent, an awakening of nature that deserves to be admired by a faithful friend. Each season is perfect for welcoming a pet into the family with whom to share the … Read more

All pets are looking for a home in Rome

Dogs keep a treasure trove of caresses for those who don’t know yet. Quotes from Charles Baudelaire help us understand how much affection these pets are able to give, even to those who have never seen them. And it’s a treasure trove of care that keeps hosted dogs in the store Io Libero – Porta … Read more

Pets are looking for affection and love

Affection for an animal gives man an incredible strength: Seneca repeated it 2,000 years ago and it is even more true today, a pet next to us is the most beautiful thing you want to fill your days with carefree and loving. It’s not just us, it’s on all fours. Not everyone is lucky enough … Read more