A commemoration of Prince de Curtis on the anniversary of his death

Seventy-five years ago, on April 15, 1967, the great Antonio de Curtis, better known as Toto, died in Rome. Born in Naples in February 1898, a great actor in the Review Theater and Avenspetakolo, thirty years between 1937 and 1967, Toto averaged ninety-eight films for four titles (mostly as a protagonist) a year – an … Read more

The Aristocats, a fantastic Disney cartoon, is celebrating 51 years

“The Aristocrats”, the twentieth, extraordinary Walt Disney classic, fifty years old. It is the latest film project approved by Walt Disney and first produced after his death on December 15, 1966. Aristocrats – Original title Aristocrats – An animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions, the original version featuring the voices of Phil Harris, Eva … Read more